Prayers, Mantras, and the Collective Action

Sometimes, life goes through tough situations; situations that require more from us than the usual get-up-and-go. Sometimes, it downright requires an intervention from a higher power source. When we hit these rough patches (and sooner or later, we all do—this is to be expected and to be experienced in this dimension), this is the perfect time to call forth that extra boost we need to get us through the tricky rough road ahead.

When it comes to calling forth this power to assist us in these grave times, there are three types of people; those who Pray, those who say the Mantras, and those who do nothing spiritual and hope that their Physical Efforts to affect the physical world will be enough to get them through. Which of these types of people will most often succeed in their approach to solving their problems? The answer may surprise you. All types of efforts will be rewarded with some level of success. Allow me to clarify this.

I will start off with Prayer. This is the most common form of drawing forth power from a higher source via supplication of the self. It is mostly a one-sided conversation, where the supplicant asks for answers to questions and favors to be fulfilled and hope that the higher source hears and answers the prayers.

This source is EXTERNAL and comes from a single deity such as God, or Jesus, or Buddha, or Mohamed, etcetera. It could also come from groups of deities such as angels, the Greek gods and goddesses, the various Hindu Gods, Roman Catholic saints, or any other various panoplies of deities across the world. In some cases, the power source even comes from objects and places that have been imbued with power due to the concentrated channeling of mental strength into that object by millions of people. The Black Stone in the Grand Mosque in Mecca comes to mind for such a revered object, and Mount Kailash would be a good example of a powerful place.

Mantras work differently from praying. A mantra is not a request or a plea for help. A mantra is a command, spoken by those with the strong intent to direct an order to a group of powerful forces that are not of this world, to do their bidding. Mantras come from the position of power, and as such, require that the person doing the commanding be a person of considerable power. When Jesus commanded the devil to leave him be in the Judaean Desert, he was not asking for help from a higher source, he was commanding the demon to leave, using his inner force.

In the same manner, when a mantra is used, the source of its power is INTERNAL and comes from one’s strength of will and mental concentration.  It must not be used in a hesitant and deferential manner. It must be wholly owned and controlled. Any sign of weakness or lack of faith in the abilities of those who utilize the mantras will cause them to be besieged by the powers that they seek to control and direct to do their bidding.

Now, we come to the last group of people; those who rely solely on their physical efforts to pull themselves out of the problems that they find themselves embroiled in.  The source of their power is also INTERNAL.  This group is quite interesting in that they utilize the force within themselves to solve problems because they believe that the solutions lie within themselves, not outside of themselves.

In this, they are correct, of course. As Star Wars likes to remind us all, ‘The Force is Within You’. However, the effect of their individual effort will be small and fairly contained within their sphere of influence unless they are able to convince others to join forces with them. Between all collaborators who share the same drive and belief in their individual power, things get done. When combined, all the forces from each contributing individual can literally move mountains.

All these methods require the recognition of the power source, and the requesting of aid to create new realities. All methods work to one degree or another as long as there is faith involved.  The Prayer group requires the believer to have faith in an external entity, Mantras and Collective Action groups require internal faith in their own capabilities to carry out the work at hand, either with the help of other humans or other spirits. 

In truth, there is one other group of people I have not included, and that is the Do Nothing type. This Do Nothing type is the only group that will get absolutely Zero success because they lack the faith to do anything at all. Since the vast majority of those who are reading this blog belongs to one of the three groups outlined above, I will not waste any more time talking about the Do Nothing group.

The source of the power that fuels the efficacy of prayers, mantras, and collaborative efforts, stem from a steadfast and strong BELIEF.

Praying is lowering oneself to ask for favors from another being or entity, be it a deity or a demon because of a BELIEF in the powers of such deity or demon. Speaking of the Mantra is raising oneself above a group of powerful forces that are not of this world, and then issuing a command to the extant group to do one’s bidding because of a BELIEF in one’s own powers and abilities.

When we look at it in this light, it is clear that it is our BELIEFS which fuels the source that drives all cogs and wheels to turn and click into place, all variants and threads of reality. Without belief, nothing happens other than the accidental influences of what others believe, which spills over onto the unbeliever.

As a Tao Babe, I do not want my life to run a course of meandering and wandering due to forces that are whirling and gushing in torrents and waves all around me. Of course, everyone’s beliefs will cause edifies and affect all others touching their own individual source fields, but just as we are able to navigate through the oceans by using rudders and powered engines, we too, can navigate through life using means by which we can cross the waters without becoming lost or battered about.

We can do so by using our own navigational systems, our own rudders, and our own powered engines (Collective Action). We can ask for help from others and cast out a line in hopes that whoever is kind enough to accept our plea for help will pull us to safety with their power source and will be going in the right direction with their navigational system (Prayers). We can also issue a command and have a team of underlings pull us to the destination that we have plotted and charted, and then dictated to them to carry out (Mantras).

Obviously, the most powerful but the most challenging method is the Mantra method. This one requires advanced training and a healthy dose of centered, focused, belief in one’s power to wield the energies of the universe and confidence in one’s ability to make it happen. Approach it in any other fashion, show any ounce of weakness, display any lack of confidence, lack any detail of knowledge, and all is lost. At best, nothing happens and the spirits break free from their yokes and chains and run away. At worst, one is beleaguered by those self-same spirits who have realized that their master does not fully understand how powerful he is, or have the sufficient belief that he is more powerful than they are themselves, and turn back on their master, possessing him and controlling his vast powers for themselves.

This is the real reason why mantras are not handed out like candy and used by the vast majority of the people. This is the real reason why creating the spells and speaking the mantras have turned into activities that are relegated to the underground world of the arcane and the suspiciously ‘black magic’ demon-worshiping variety that is shunned by the vast majority of the population, and devilified, demonized, and persecuted throughout the western world. Rather than seeking to understand its powers and the ability of human beings to harness and control the powers of the Mantra, it has been mostly shunned.

This is a huge topic, requiring much more elaborate posting, so I will discuss more about this in future postings. For now, simply realize that our belief in ourselves is the key to wielding the power that the Universe offers freely to all her children. The power flows through us without restrictions. It is the ultimate in Unconditional Love. We do not have to ask for it. We do not have to jump through hoops to earn it. We do not have to do penance to receive it. It simply flows through us all, whether we are rich or poor, good or bad, enlightened or lost. It does not matter. It is all there ever is, ever was, or ever will be.   

The Secret Behind the Power of the Mantra

Back in the old days, a few decades or so ago, most people didn’t understand what sonic energy was. They thought it was fake, something that was either made up by delusional minds, or perpetuated by evil sheisters who were more than happy to part an honest man with his money, never mind the fact that the most ardent of these ‘sheisters’ were Tibetan monks who had perfected the methods of harnessing sound energy for thousands of years.

In comes the modern-day scientists who ‘discover’ a brand new way to tap into the energy waves radiating all around us so that we could light up street lamps without having to burn fossil fuels * , create sonic weapons that can kill an entire city without leaving a trace of its deadly intent, and without destroying a single thing within the city, and even target tiny clumps of malignant tumors and blast them out of the body without harming the host at all. ** 

Nowadays, there is no reason to decry, deny, or even deride the very real power of sound. It is all proven technology, the stuff of basic physics. No one would be crazy enough to deny the existence of sound waves and sound energy. So why then is there still an issue with the idea of utilizing sound to do one’s bidding?

The truth is appalling.

It has to do with the age-old idea of not taking responsibility for oneself, and not recognizing the magnificence of one’s innate abilities. Modern-day children are taught to seek divine help from outside of themselves and to pray to whatever deities or saints out there who happen to be most convenient or closest at hand, without recognizing that the most powerful entity actually existed within themselves. They grow up and ask for deliverance of their travails from entities that exist somewhere out there, and they fervently believe in their lack of abilities and their lack of powers.  Sadly, because they have the innate and inalienable powers to create whatever reality they deem worthwhile, their own belief in their lack of powers is what causes them to experience no powers at all.

The climb back out of this self-fulfilling prophecy is steep and filled with self-doubt, but it can be done. However, you don’t have to believe what I say about this subject matter.  There are others who have said the same.  As a great sage once said, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you” ~ Jesus of Nazareth.  All you need is faith in yourself as a powerful being who has not yet recognized her own true powers, and you will be able to break through that wall of doubt.  Faith in yourself is all that is required.

Now, what does all this have to do with the power of sound? Everything.

Sound waves travel through seemingly solid bodies and cause effects which may seem to be miraculous  but is merely science at work. Remember that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” ~ Arthur C. Clarke. The ancients knew that sound could do this, and they harnessed the sounds using their own bodies to create the waves. This is the secret to the ‘Om’ mantra (), handed down to humanity by ancient sages from the Himalayan mountains, and now universally practiced by modern-day initiates.

It is a very simple and humble sound, this . It requires no memorization, no continuous critical thinking, no concentrated effort. It is not flashy or mysterious, and it certainly does not seem to be very powerful at all. Unfortunately, people like the mysterious. They like the flashy, and they want—no DEMAND—that the powerful need be the terrible and the exclusive, so they willingly spend decades of their lives and millions of their dollars to obtain ‘exclusive’ mantras that do this and that and the other.

And of course, the mantras work. They have to work because they follow the rules of science, but people think that they work because of some supernatural power that has been ascribed to them by those with some kind of wondrous innate super powers themselves. This is what I mean when I say that people take their own powers away from themselves and hand it over to another, willingly and even gladly, just so they themselves do not have to take responsibility for the results of their actions.

In upcoming posts, I will try to elaborate on the  and to harness its energy to create the reality that we want to live in. For now, simply listen to this and do your best to memorize this very complex and tricky mantra.  We will need to tap into its energy to create powerful spells in future postings.