Midnight Ranting of a Tired and Grouchy Taobabe

anime girl 158

Another fruitless day in search of something that should be there, but cannot be found.  Another dead end to scratch off my list of what could have been and might have been but is no longer visible, or without enough substance to substantiate.

I guess it goes without saying that this is fairly common for the type of work that I am doing, even though the work itself can hardly be called common.

If it was something easy, like writing up something that has already been proven and accepted, I would have so many pieces of resources to look at that it would be akin to writing up a simple, documented report.  When the subject matter is so esoteric and/or so freaking old that material is difficult to come by, I then have to hunt and scrounge for tidbits of scattered clues everywhere.

Some rare scraps are written in books that are so old that even after having scoured the internet looking for them, they cannot be obtained because they are out of print and there are no available copies to be had.


In other cases, all I can do is look, longingly at titles that promise a gem of truth, but the book in question exists only in a library that I have no access to, such as one found in huge universities that do no inter-library loans.  Since I am neither student nor alumni of said libraries, the books are forever out of reach.

this_letter_written_by_mi_feiAnd then there are times when an amazing book only exists in another country, and is written in German, or Sumerian, or Hanzi, some such arcane language that I cannot read.  It might as well be from outer space, as accessible as that is.

Heck, even some ancient Vietnamese books are quite often, out of reach for me, even with multiple trips back to my homeland in futile attempts to locate the material.

Don’t even get me started on material that’s transcribed from binary codes.  Or mathematical equations.  Or worse yet…alien scripts that have never been able to be decoded, like this amazing, colorful book filled with pictures of plants and star systems, written in long-hand, words that do not exist in any known Earth language.


The Voynich Manuscript, carbon-dated to the 1400s

But it’s not just books.  Written material that had been posted online, quite often disappear, sometimes overnight.  It’s not good enough to save links to documents and articles.  There have been numerous times when I would go back to a link and it would be dead.

I actually have to utilize a wiki that has been created specifically for my needs, that lives on my own server located inside my house.  I then have to do the laborious, painstaking job of documenting, sorting, filing hundreds upon hundreds of pages of information to be used as source documentation.

anime girl 230

I swear.  I sometimes feel like a starving grad student, pushing on wind mills for no reason other than the work needs to be done, and knowing that none of this work will ever result in any PhD.

Oh well.

When I hit such stumbling blocks, I do one of two things.  I go to the local chicken place and order up a large basket of southern fried chicken to fortify myself, and then I go get a large latte to drown my sorrows.

Or I go fill up a bath tub with some hot water, add some scented oil, light a couple of candles, and go into meditative bathe mode.  How long I stay in depends on how much cold I can handle.  When it gets too cold, my meditation time is over.

girl thinking

And then I’m back to the grindstone again.

Dragons (Part 3): The Descent

(Continued from Dragons (Part 2) The Genetics )


The Dragons

Space is a thrill that has only one flavor.  It is an odd amalgamation of a deep cold hum coming from the ship’s immense internal machinery, mixed with the dry metallic tang of reconstituted air.  Every brightly lit hallway glares bleak and sterile, with only colored tabs of lights along the walls to indicate relative position to the rest of the ship.  Every single window shows a single scene–that of endless darkness studded with tiny diamond stars of every color imaginable.

As exciting as it may possibly seem, when one has been traveling through space for a certain amount of time, even the preternatural thrill of it begins to pall.  There is no escaping that monotony of endless darkness.  No amount of artificial, holographic, computerized virtual reality of a living, breathing ecosphere assuages that endless hunger for the real thing.

And there is no end to the enthralling escapade into nowhere.


Once experienced, it cannot be un-experienced.  A person becomes starved for bright organic colors and the plethora of living sounds that only a natural environment can provide.  The need to inhale fresh un-canned oxygen, commingled with the deep musky scents of earth, vegetation, and ocean, eventually grows from a dull ache to something akin to mental anguish.

Such was the internal turmoil of the space-faring community headed to Earth that day.  From their windows and terminals, they saw the aqua and sapphire oceans, the white mounds of cotton candy clouds, and the sundrenched emerald green earth.  Within them, the memories of their own watery planet, green and gold, and warm as a summer day, grew and grew.

Suddenly, a commotion in the waters drew their attention.  There is activity of a large scale.  What could it be?  There is a battle occurring.  Fleets of sea vessels were attacking living beings onshore.  The violence made them uneasy.  They wanted off the ship to ameliorate the violence.  They wanted to explore.


A command was issued.  The space-farers came streaming out of the mothership on the metallic wings of dragonflies.  Hovering above the aquamarine waters, they could see the situation.  To stop the fight, they would need to create a diversion, and they had to work quickly, using whatever materials they had on hand at the time.

Since the conflict was over a watery arena, the only materials they had on hand to support their advanced stone technology was the abundant limestone that made up the floor of the shallow sea that once was a part of Sundaland.


Most limestone is composed of grains made of skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral or foraminifera.  These animals leave their shells behind when they die, and over millions of years, there is a huge amount of this material, compressed in successive layers.   I wrote about this sunken continental shelf, Sundaland, in one of my previous posts, Sunken Paradise.

Using advanced frequencies, the spacefarers beamed a wave that caused the coral to vibrate at its resonant frequency.  Then, they used an electromagnetic field to flip the magnetic poles of the coral atoms so they were in opposition to the earth’s magnetic field, raising mounds of malleable sandstone up from their watery floor.


This caused a huge confusion and immediately ended the fighting below.  Those who sought to take over the land via the sea route had to retreat or die a quick watery death.  Those who lived on the land returned to the land and carried on with their normal little lives.  This area was then called Hạ Long, which means Descent of the Dragon.

Hạ Long

There are a few places on Earth that have been touched by that which can only be considered unearthly.  Those places are called Cradles of Civilization due to the fact that humans were given knowledge and genetic upgrades so that the usual extremely slow linear progression of evolution are considerably accelerated.  Western society knows of Sumeria as an ancient Cradle of Civilization, but it is not the only one.  One other such place is Hạ Long archipelago, made up of 1,969 mostly uninhabited islands.

It is beautiful.  The caves and rocky outcrops are visions out of fairy tales, and it is here that one of Vietnam’s most enduring fairy tales occurred.


It is written that early in the history of Vietnam, there were many wars which were waged upon the people by invading armies, wanting the land that the people lived upon.  One such battle came in the form of ocean vessels, attacking from the Eastern Sea (what is now known as the South China Seas).

In desperation, the king called upon his extraterrestrial ancestors for help, and help did indeed arrive in the form of a mothership that they call the Mother Dragon.


In the thick of battle, she  appeared from out of the blue skies, hovering above what is now known as the Hạ Long archipelago.  At the time of the battle, there was no archipelago.  The entire area was part of the Eastern Sea.

From within the Mother Dragon, a multitude of baby dragons (smaller fighter ships) emerged.  They did something miraculous.  No one is clear what they did, and historical accounts vary, but they all agreed on one thing.  Whatever that was done, it was spectacular, and godlike.

sliceOrock Some say they spat out rocky outcrops that crushed the invaders’ fleet of vessels, and that these rocky outcrops transformed into the islands of the archipelago.  Others say the outcroppings materialized from under the water and emerged, fully formed.

One thing is fairly certain.  These were, without a doubt, visitors from outer-space.  Whether they were human or reptilian is still up for debate.

It doesn’t really matter to us Vietnamese, really.  Reptoid or humanoid, they were part of our ancient history, in the far distant past, before the epic Battle of Hạ Long.

I detailed a tiny portion of this in one of my previous posts, Dragon Genetics.  What is scientific fact is that we have their DNA running through our bodies, which allowed us to evolve quickly, into homo sapient sapient beings, as opposed to allowing for the slow plodding speed of evolution to take its course for millions and millions of years.  We owe them our thanks for this.

We also owe them for much of our ancient knowledge and technology.  Rice, silk, paper, astronomy, mathematics, architecture, animal husbandry, even the beloved I Ching were all given to us so that we could quickly move out of the dark ages and push forward as much as possible.


The dragons knew we did not have much time left to evolve due to catastrophes that rocked our world, so they gave us a tiny portion of their knowledge.  This was supposed to have been our handbook, but we, in our ignorance, could not fully comprehend the meanings behind the words and images, and instead, began worshiping the messages and the messengers.  Hence, the births of hundreds and thousands of different religions, all having to do with the descent of the beings from above.

The Dragons are still out there, some benevolent..some malevolent.  It will take astute discernment to determine what is what, and who is who.  May we be given the wisdom to make those decisions when the time comes.

Goddess of Frequency 4: We’re a Movin’ on Up!

(Continued from Goddess of Frequency 3:  Life Magik)

The Jeffersons Theme Song

We’re a movin’ on up,
To the east side.
To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
Movin on up,
To the east side.
We finally got a piece of the pie.

Fish don’t fry in the kitchen.
Beans don’t burn on the grill.
Took a whole lotta tryin’,
Just to get up that hill.

Now we’re up in the big leagues.
Gonna get my turn at bat.
As long as we live, it’s you and me baby.
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

singinggirl2That’s right baby.  Sing it with me!   Yessssaah!  Amen!!!  Hallelujah baby!!!


And before you go thinkin’ I just smoked something that’s got me all high and whatnot, let me hasten to reassure you that it comes from the highest sources!  We ain’t talkin’ no shuck-n-jive.  This is for realz.  We’re actually moving on up that cosmic vibratory state of being.  That’s right, my bruthas and sistas.

We’re graduating!

Schumann Resonance

Remember that Schumann Resonance I talked about in one of my previous post, Goddess of Frequency 2:  C# Vectors?

7.83 Hz

Anything?  Ring a bell?

shorthaircropHmm.  Maybe I should recap what Schumann Resonances are, since I didn’t go into much depth with my previous posting.  First, I’ll tell you what it’s NOT.

It is NOT the resonant frequency of planet Earth (ie. what Earth generates from deep within).  Her particular resonant frequency is 10 Hz, as Tesla discovered and shared with us many moons ago.

So now, I tell you what it is.  Schumann Resonance is named for the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann (1888-1974) who predicted that the Earth’s atmosphere would resonate certain electromagnetic frequencies.

To give you a better analogy of the two:  Earth’s resonant frequency (10 Hz) is like her heart beat, whereas Schumann’s Resonance is more like the expelling force that is created by her rhythmic breathing.  Both are fairly steady, and both can be slightly adjusted so that they slow down or speed up, depending on various external and internal factors.  In short, Earth Resonant Frequency is internal, and Schumann Resonance is external.

This frequency affects us because  our Alpha brain frequency is also 7.83 HZ on the EEG, and before you think that it is just a happy coincidence, I must hasten to assure you that it most definitely is not.  This frequency has been in existence long, long, long before humans even began poking around on the surface of the Earth.  When we evolved on Mother Earth, we internalized that frequency into our very being.

anime girl 178

As biological entities, we have evolved over 200,000 years, from the earliest fossils of anatomically modern humans around the Middle Paleolithic, to become tuned to it.  Our bodies need this frequency to maintain normal 3D functions.  In fact, it is a frequency which also applies to all mammals (sorry reptilian-humanoids…only mammals).  This is why we Earthlings are particularly specialized to adapt to Earth, and why most alien species feel ill and can’t stay here for long.  The foreign (to them) frequencies make them ill.

How the Schumann Resonance works is thus:  There is an invisible boundary which circles the Earth’s sphere called the ionosphere.  The inner surface of this boundary and the outer surface of the Earth can be compared to two layers of reflective mirrors, facing each other.

As you can see in the animation video below, any time a thunderstorm occurs in any location anywhere around the world, all the noise and excitement cause certain wavelengths to be trapped in between these two ‘mirrored surfaces’ and they start to bounce around.  These broadband electromagnetic fields spread everywhere within the space between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere until they meet up with waves of the same wavelengths.

Since Earth is round (and not flat…shame on you Flat-Earthers, who get too lazy to look at solid evidence and don’t even bother to deduce the truths from them), where the waves hit at 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hz, they double in upon themselves as the ends of the waves meet on the other side of the sphere from where they originated.

The lengths of the waves directly correlate with the diameter of the Earth and the height of the ionosphere. For example, if you take a water bottle and fill it half way with water, then blow across it, you will make a certain sound. If you add more water, which makes the space between the bottle opening and the surface of the water, smaller, when you blow across the opening, the sound pitch rises.  You get a higher pitch sound because the waves are shorter in length.  [1]

The Schumann Frequencies had been rather stable for as long as measurements had been kept.  However, as of June 2014, all that changed, according to the monitors at the Russian Space Observing System.  ***

On January 31, 2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance reached frequencies of 36+.  That’s over FIVE TIMES what it should be.


Monitors at the Russian Space Observing System showed a sudden spike in activity to around 8.5 Hz. Since then, they have recorded days where the Schumann accelerated as fast as 16.5 Hz. (The graph is usually blue with some green, and no white.) At first they thought their equipment was malfunctioning, but later learned the data was accurate.

Here is what it looked like on February 1st, which exactly two weeks ago. [2]


But you know, I hate it when people give you pictures without explaining what’s going on and where you can get more information, so here’s the source where you can root around and look at the graphs and charts to your heart’s content.  You can read the live readings for yourself (it is updated approximately once an hour) at www.heartmath.org.

This doubling up strengthens these 7 wave and maintains their integrity.  The Schumann Resonance wave roughly corresponds to a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth.  For these resonant values to change, either Earth’s diameter would have to change, or the ionosphere would have to shrink.


Hello.  Are you listening to me?

I just said that in order for the Schumann Resonance to shoot up five or six times its usual 7.83 Hz, the space in between the Earth’s surface and the inner surface of the ionosphere would have to decrease.  There are only two ways that this could happen.

  1.  The Earth’s diameter changes, ie. it swells up, perhaps like a pregnant woman’s belly, causing the space between the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface to shrink.
  2. The ionosphere recedes farther into space, caused perhaps by the Earth’s changes in electromagnetism due to human-induced activities or sun-induced activities.

I’m going to delve into each of these possibilities, but I want to stress that regardless of the cause, the effect is still the same.  Changes are afoot, and these changes absolutely affect our bodies, as humans inhabiting the surface of our Mother Earth.


In fact, astronauts who hang out above the ionosphere (that’s roughly 60 miles above the surface of the Earth) deteriorated severely  and exhibited serious physical issues when they were not within the zone that receives the Schumann Resonances.  Once the Schumann Simulator, a magnetic pulse generator mimicking the Earth’s frequency, was placed inside all space shuttles, The problem was solved.

This corresponds with something that had been written thousands of years ago, within the Ta Chuan.

Chapter 12:3  The Creative and the Receptive are the real secret of the Changes. Inasmuch as the Creative and the Receptive present themselves as complete, the changes between them are also posited. If the Creative and the Receptive were destroyed, there would be nothing by which the changes could be perceived. If there were no more changes to be seen, the effects of the Creative and the Receptive would also gradually cease.

The changes are thought of here as natural processes, practically identical with life. Life depends on the polarity between activity and receptivity. This maintains tension, every adjustment of which manifests itself as a change, a process in life. If this state of tension, this potential, were to cease, there would no longer be a criterion for life–life could no longer express itself. On the other hand, these polar oppositions, these tensions, are constantly being generated anew by the changes inherent in life. If life should cease to express itself, these oppositions would be obliterated by progressive entropy, and the death of the world would ensue.  [3]

That’s quite amazing that a little book written over ten thousand years ago would have information that is relevant to us today.  Since this post has gone on far too long, I will end it here, but obviously, there are many things to consider.  In my next post, I am going to delve into the I Ching’s words and how they relate to all of this.  I will also talk about the two possibilities for the frequencies to change.

So until then, rock on, my friends, and keep singing!

***as of today, I have not been able to access the website for this particular entity, so any assistance from my gentle readers will be much appreciated.  And please…if you see anything which does not agree with what these images show, alert me to this and I will re-visit this posting.  I am all about digging for truths, and then re-examining the truths for further discernment and am happy to report that I have no holy cows that cannot stand to be slaughtered for the sake of uncovering the truths.        

[1]  https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/news/gallery/schumann-resonance.html

[2]  http://www.trinfinity8.com/why-is-earths-schumann-resonance-accelerating/

[3]  Ta Chuan

Hexagram 54 — The Marrying Maiden


I’m going to veer off the usual track today and talk about Hexagram 54 — Kuei Mei, in a cultural fashion, as opposed to what the significance of this hexagram would be on a particular situation or question.  This is due to the fact that I am attempting to answer a question from a reader, and since I do not know the circumstances behind the question, I am going to attempt to be has general as I can.

Usually, I talk about a specific hexagram when I’m doing a divination, because I am seeking answers and advice about a situation.  If I know the question, then the various shades of meanings behind the I Ching’s answer can be deduced and then applied to the various facets of the question.

girlglassesblueNow, I’m as progressive as the next girl about women’s rights (which really should be called human rights) so at first glance, this hexagram was rather unsettling.  However, I will have to clarify certain things about the I Ching and its initial purpose.

The modern I Ching was compiled at the time when patriarchal forces ruled the lands (it still does, but it’s crumbling away gradually), and as such, any advice given had to be relevant to those who lived at that time, or the advice would not make sense.

That’s sorta like telling teenagers today that they really should think about getting a college education before having babies and going to work full-time.

If this advice had been given three-thousand years ago, it would make absolutely no sense to the inhabitants of that time because college is a fairly modern construct, and people normally got married in their teens at that time.

So I did a little bit of meditation and I posed a serious question.  And before you ask, I will admit to the fact that quite a few of my questions throughout my misspent youth haven’t been all that serious.  Some of my earlier questions were even downright trivial (ie. does this boy like me?  Does he think I’m cute?  You know…stupid stuff like that.), but this is due to the fact that I treat the I Ching as an ancient and benevolent guardian who answers all my questions, even childish ones, because to the Universe, I’m still just a kid.

Anyway, my question was:  How does hexagram 54 apply to modern society?  Here’s what I got after some time in meditation.

Kuei Mei (54)


Hexagram 54 shows the image of the oldest son leading the youngest daughter into the house.  This is one of four hexagrams that have to do with marriages (Influence, Duration, Development, and Relationship).  Before I tell you what Kuei Mei is, I need to tell you what it’s not.

It’s not Influence-31, which is that period of time when a couple has just met and are falling in love.  It’s not Duration-32, which is when two people have been together for a very long time and have soul-bonded.  It’s also not Development-53, which is the ceremonial aspects of marriage, abiding by the laws of the land and the laws of the social constructs.  This one has to do with the social construct of the heart, and it is the only one that allows for free will to be initiated.

Free will is important because it allows us the opportunity to make choices.  After all, falling in love (Influence-31) is not really a conscious choice or decision.  Nobody rationally decides to fall in love with another human being.  Most, in fact, tend to fight against this overwhelming rush of emotions caused by the brain’s chemical output, because falling in love is losing control of oneself, and this often leads to much pain and suffering.

In the case of Duration-32, the situation has changed.  Whether or not a person has been given the choice to be with another human being in the past, is all water under the bridge.  In this situation, the people involved have been coexisting for quite some time and have either grown to love each other and accept their fates, or they are just cohabiting with each other in a kind of long-term camaraderie whereby they tolerate each other and learn to live with each others’ idiosyncrasies .  In this situation, inertia and human propriety have a big hand in the decision of whether to stay or leave.  If there are others involved, such as children, then the need to provide a stable environment for the offspring to mature is another consideration.  Personal choice, in this case, is secondary to the more primal concerns of family and social duties.

Development-53 is the most restrictive of the four, being the one that concerns itself with pomp and circumstance.  The legality of marriage and the social propriety of the construct is the only consideration in this situation.  Here is where people marry due to conventionality and expectations, and even under duress.  In the best case scenario, both are in agreement and are willing to accept societal ties.

fightingIn worst case scenarios, girls are handed off to another family, as promised at the time of their births, and men are forced to become a husband due to the happenstance of their sudden induction into parenthood.

In either case, situations get locked into place and the only way to extricate oneself from the situation requires huge effort and causes much external and internal damage.

This is not so in the case of Relationship-54, where free choice is the key component.  Here, the person is given a choice to either join or not join.  There will be consequences either way.

The Judgement:
The Marrying Maiden
Undertakings bring misfortune.
Nothing that would bring further.

In this situation, the legalities and protections prescribed by society for marriages do not apply.  Those who move forward irregardless, without the societal restrictions and protections bring about freedom but it also comes with drawbacks.  It is a voluntary relationship, and as such, is only regulated by the interactions between the partners.  A lack of tact or an insistence on anything more than what the relationship will permit (undertakings) will bring misfortune.

This relationship is what it is:  A union of pure affection.  Nothing (can be done to) bring it further because it has satisfactorily resolved its requirements for coming into existence, and that is human will.  When applied to a couple in a romantic manner, the writing is clearly on the wall in black sharpie.  You either take the person and the situation as-is, or you leave and move on with your life.


It does not have any of the trappings of a marriage so you are not trapped, but that also means you can’t place restrictions or demands on the other person.  Both parties must take each other into consideration, and it is this very human state of affection that allows for an all-inclusive state of union.

The Image:
Thunder over the lake;
The image of the Marrying Maiden
Thus the superior man
Understands the transitory
In the light of the eternity of the end.

What does ‘thunder over lake’ mean?  To delve deeper, we need to scrutinize what thunder actually is.

Thunder is caused by the rapid expansion of the air surrounding the path of a lightning bolt…The heated air is compressed, raising the air from 10 to 100 times the normal atmospheric pressure. The compressed air explodes outward from the channel, forming a shock wave of compressed particles in every direction.  [2]

Normally, water and air are two of the least resistive elementals.  You can pass your hand through either, at their most relaxed states, and there would be no resistance to your movements.  However, thunder is compressed air in motion, exploding from a lighting bolt and creating a shock wave.  When it comes in contact with the lake, it has the ability to make ripples on the surface of the lake (which is water that is not in motion) but it cannot be a part of the lake.

A maiden can follow the man of her choice, and at the time of their interaction, the effect can be beautiful, as the shimmering ripples on the lake’s surface, but the interaction is transitory.  The superior man (or in this case, the superior maiden) understands the transitory state of sound waves creating ripples on the still and silent water.  Since the two elementals are at different amplitudes of wavelengths, they are able to interact, but the interaction is not permanent.


But what is permanence anyway, the Taobabe asks.  In the light of the eternity of the end, nothing is permanent.  All is illusion; an illusion of holographic proportions.  The only thing we can hold onto is the affection and love we share with those around us.  It is the only thing that’s real, and the only thing that matters.

[1]  I Ching

[2]  Library of Congress

Change (Part 6): The Cyclic/Sequent Connection


(Continued from Change (Part 5):  Sequent Change)

It has been awhile since I last posted anything of much substance, having been immersed in, of all things, meditative knitting.  After meditating (and knitting) about this for a bit, I realized I needed to finish out my train of thought about Change, which had taken me five postings to get to this point.

I wanted to talk about why it was that there are three types of Changes and how they are connected.  This is not an academic question.  Nor is it trivial.  Nothing in this Universe is purposeless, much less something this important.  So…why is it?  Why does Cyclic and Sequent go together?   Why does Cyclic Change even need Sequent Change?

My mother had always wondered why I always ask, “Why?”  It’s such a juvenile thing to do, don’t you think?  I would always get a quick response from her:

“Don’t ask why.  Just accept what I say and do it.”
“You’re just saying that because you DON’T KNOW why.” I shot back.
“Well, since you think I don’t know why, maybe you can go figure it out and then teach me what you learned,” she countered, and turned back to whatever chore she was doing.

In my usual smart aleck fashion, and the overwhelming drive to prove my mother wrong (or any figurehead, actually), I would go digging for the truth.  Or my truth, at least.

Most of the time, I end up realizing the reasoning behind it, and my brain would grow a micron layer of thickness in intelligence.

fightinggirlAnd then I’d go to whoever threw out that challenge so that I could speak my truth, only to find that they didn’t really care to discuss it with me in the first place.

They were just trying to get me to go away.

But it allowed me to learn things, if only to shore up my arguments.  It also allowed me to annotate my points so that I could back things up with some proof.  After all, I was always known to be a strong and vivid storyteller, a multi-medium artist, a kid with a wild imagination who could spin crazy yarns about things that were so fantastical that there was no way it could be real.

I was only good at showing what my imagination could conjure up, but truths…truths needed much more rigorous methods of conveyance.

To be taken seriously, I needed to get the backing of high level important people.  Who can be more authoritative and serious-sounding than the ancients who wrote the Ta Chuan?

Here we go:

12:4  Heaven and Earth determine the places.  The holy sages fulfill the possibilities of the places.  Through the thoughts of men and the thoughts of spirits, the people are enabled to participate in these possibilities.  ~ Ta Chuan  [1]

Ehhh?  What did you say?

You don’t see anything about Cyclic and Sequent Change in this passage?   I guess that’s my fault, because I really should include the passage immediately before that one.

12:3  Therefore:  The changes and transformations refer to actions.  [1]


OK, we now have that trigger word:  Changes.  But what does this sentence mean in relationship to the Cyclic and Sequent Changes we’ve been talking about?

Please allow me to parse this out for you.

Once we have determined where our Nonchanging baseline is; ergo the center of Earth: 000, we have satisfied the section that states Heaven and Earth determine the places.  That’s pretty straightforward.  What comes next is the strange part:  The holy sages fulfilling the possibilities of the places.

What in blazes does that mean?

Bear up with me here.  In one of my previous posts, I talked about the holographic nature of our existence, which basically asserts that we exist inside a holographic environment, something that Michael Talbot wrote about back in 1991, in his book, The Holographic Universe.

It took sixteen years before it was accepted by mainstream scientific community.  On January 30, 2017, about a week ago, to be exact, Science Daily ran an article which stated that there was substantial evidence for the theory of a holographic universe.

Think about this.  If our Universe is a hologram, then the question that begs to be asked is, WHO created the hologram?  WHO developed the codes and QA the product so that we would have a (mostly) functioning environment?  Of course, we could say, “Oh, it’s a natural product of the evolution of the universe,” and we would of course be correct.  After all, life evolves and eventually becomes sentient enough to maintain a Universe-sized hologram.  I can dig that.  So who would these life forms be?

punkIt would have to be our friendly neighborhood holy sages, of course.

We can also call them Ascended Light Beings, or gods, or whatever we prefer.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s all the same entities.

Their job is to make sure we have a classroom space to do our job (more about our job later).  They put all this together, monitor the progress, dutifully arrange karmic reactions suitable to the actions initiated, and audit the final grades to pass or not pass the students, among other things.

They do this as part of their own work to continue their ascension process to allow them to move onto the next level.  We will get here eventually, but not just yet.  Gotta crawl before we can walk.

In creating the holographic universe, these holy sages also put into play, astral cyclic patterns that are mathematically aligned and precise so that it can be self-regulating as well as easy to trouble-shoot should anything go wrong.

This gave us much to play with, as we peeps got smart and realized that we could predict with a high amount of accuracy, events that would transpire, based upon where we fixed our initial astral baseline.  This is where Astrology came into play, and how understanding our star charts allowed us to map our destinies–destinies that were written into the stars (actually, we wrote them into the stars ourselves…but that’s another post for another day).

OK so we have discussed the Nonchange and the Cyclic, which leaves us with the Sequent, which can be found in this passage.  Through the thoughts of men and the thoughts of spirits, the people are enabled to participate in these possibilities.

Sequent Change, as discussed in my last posting regarding Changes, needs to satisfy the Duality Requirement in order to occur.

To reiterate the Duality Requirement:  [The I Ching]…has principles which contain the categories of all that is–literally, the molds and the scope of all transformations.  These categories are in the mind of man; everything, all that happens and everything that undergoes transformation, must obey the laws prescribed by the mind of man.  Not until these categories become operative do things become things. [1]

So it is that the thoughts of man intermesh with the thoughts of spirits and allows man (that’s us) to transmute thoughts into things.  In other words, we are our own instruments to enact sequent change.  All these sequent changes are OUR changes.  We created them in our minds and introduced them into the pristine orderly world that the holy sages had created for us.  We are the agents of chaos.  We do this so everyone can move onto the next stage of our spiritual evolution.  How is this so?  This is so because we are in school.

The Spirit School is complex, with many layers for us to play in.  We are currently at a critical juncture where we are in a state of unbalance.  We can see this unbalanced stance in the diagram of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.


Notice that the two top points of the square, right where the man’s hands are located, stick way outside the circle.  If there was anything that could possibly be construed as the Original Sin, this would be it.  We are indeed, flawed.

We don’t balance!

In a Universe filled with precise geometries, we are flailing and sticking out at odd angles.  That’s because we outgrew the balanced stages of our existence (densities one and two) and are currently in a very unstable density (third).  Since this is an important concept, I will dedicate more time to it in a future posting, so bear up with me.

Since this stage is rather difficult due to the fact that we were born without a manual to circumnavigate ourselves (not to mention the fact that we also got fricking amnesia and have to figure this out blind, deaf, and mute), to move onto our next stage, we need the holy sages’ help.  But in helping us, they also help themselves.  Or rather, we actually help them!

You see, WE are the unpredictable third Change in both the world of the immutable and unchanging, and the precise, clockwork cyclic change, and that is POWERFUL.  Do not feel as if we are inferior to the holy sages.  We are not.  We are merely at a different stage, and will eventually grow into the place where they are now.


In fact, WE are needed to do all the things that we do, so that the holy sages can learn and grow and move onwards to the next iteration of octaves (yes 8…more on this later).  This means that the holy sages require us just as much as we require them, to grow and move forward.

Heh!  I’m liking this Spirit School more and more.  Hang onto your seats because we are moving forward at the speed of light.

[1]  Ta Chuan

[2]  Science Daily (Jan 30, 2017):  Substantial Evidence of Holographic Universe

[3]  The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot



Happy New Year!

Lunar New Year decorations and food

A big hello to all my friends.

I’ve been rather busy within the last few days, getting things ready to celebrate the new year.  It seems as if the last new year was just days ago, and now, it’s another new year.  We Amerasians have it good.  We get to celebrate New Year twice every year.

It is now 30 minutes till midnight.  My ancestral altar is all set up and I am waiting for midnight so I can light the incense and pay homage to my ancestors and my ancestral homeland.

Happy New Year Everyone!