Daemonic World 3: Ma, Quỉ, Thánh, Thần


“Ma, Quỉ, Thánh, Thần, ơi!” 

I heard this phrase quite a bit, growing up.  It was a common lamentation that my mother would quite often expel when I did something bad, like draw my artwork all over the walls, or when faced with something horrific, like catching me and the family dog eating out of the same bowl (at the same time).

The young me did not know at the time that she was calling on the spirits to help her deal with a very young Taobabe since it is a mild expletive similar to the western “Oh my God!”, with the literal translation of “Oh my ghosts, demons, saints, and angels!”

I’m sure she was not even aware that she was calling on them, as it is a rather common non-curse curse word.  However, the practice of calling on spirits for help has been going on for thousands and thousands of years, and with good reason.

drinkingcoffeeThe spirits, if bribed properly, can, and often do assist—but how do they assist, and what is the difference between them?  This is something only people like me are curious about.  Nobody else I know cares about who or what these entities are, as long as their personal requests are answered, but a word of caution!

You need a comprehensive understanding of the various possible entities that exist out there in the realm of what we consider the daemonic world if you are going to call out for their help.

After all, you need to know which entity is most effective for what jobs, and you need to understand the costs involved, because nothing is free.  Let me repeat this because it is very important.


I wrote about their general realm it in one of my previous posts, Daemonic World to explore what exactly it is that we are dealing with.  It was a lighthearted attempt to introduce the idea into mainstream, because you can’t face what you don’t understand, and you can’t understand if you are unable to face what may seem to be alien in nature and scary as fuck.

To make things easier, I’m going to break them down to their basic levels and explain the differences between each entity.  One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what they are, they are not above the rules of the Universe, and these rules must still be obeyed.  Taoism is all about the balance of black and white, negative and positive, changing and unchanging.  It is the framework with which the entire cosmos exists upon.


As I mentioned in my previous posting, Daemonic World, Cosmospolitanic View, we of the physical world, are the tiny spot of white, within the expanse of black.  As the catalyst that is changing the darkness to light, we are considered part of the Dương Giang (world of yang).

The entities that are unseen in our world are the mutable, swirling within the world of the immutable.  They are the dark spot within the white side of the Taijitu.  They occupy the Âm Giang (world of yin).

They are Ma (ghosts), Quỉ (demons) , Thánh (saints/buddhas), and Thần (angels), and they are about as unremarkable as beings come.

smileIf you are expecting to be bowled over or scared out of your mind when you meet one of these beings, then let me put your mind at ease.  You could literally pass one of them on the street and never know the difference.

Most of these beings are here to do something, and most likely, that something will have nothing to do with you.  This means not only will you not care that they just passed by, more than likely, you will not even have noticed their presence.  Furthermore, you would be hard-pressed to differentiate between these entities just by comparing their visual differences.

To begin with, Angels don’t have white wings or halos, and Demons don’t have bat wings or horns.  Likewise, Ghosts aren’t necessarily transparent, and Saints may look like the local pizza delivery boy.  It is hard enough to enter into this world.  To do their work in stealth, their visual appearances would need to be very low key.  They would, in effect, look just like you and me, if we can see them at all.

Let’s start with Ma (ghosts)



Ma (ghosts) are comprised of several different types of entities, but they are first and foremost, the paternal soul group hồn (see Hồn Vía (Part 3): The Fracturing of Soulsthat has lost its corresponding maternal group vía.

Under normal conditions, most hồn move onward and escape the world of yang (Dương Giang) through something that has been described time and time again as a tunnel of light (more on this later).  The veil between the two worlds are not easily penetrable; however, sometimes, there are extenuating circumstances whereby the hồn is able to linger within our realm.  They can be one of several reasons:

  1.  Very young children or an almost fully-formed fetus who still do not grasp the realization that their yang life has been abruptly cut off and are still trying to enter (or remain) in the world of yang.
  2. This is also true with those whose deaths were so sudden and traumatic that they still have not realized they are dead.  Accidental death victims, victims of war, soldiers, and those who died in their sleep are all ‘sudden-death Ma.
  3. Sometimes, a person may harbor a grudge against, or have very strong emotional bonds with, a person living in Dương Giang (world of yang)If death occurs before these strong emotions are able to be resolved, the hồn that has lost its physical body and its correspond vía will follow the living person in order to protect that person, or exact revenge, or even tempt the person to commit suicide so the two can be rejoined in the Âm Giang (world of yin).
  4. Then there are the hungry Ma.  They are so-called hungry because they have been lost and wandering within Dương Giang (world of yang) realm for so long that they must become parasites to maintain their coherency in order to remain in our realm.  These hungry Ma utilize various ingenious methods to absorb the khí (chi) energy of people, animals and plants.  I wrote about this in one of my posts (Black Sorcery and Ngải Plant 2) where I detailed one way that a hungry Ma could utilize a plant to remain within Dương Giang (world of yang).
  5. They could also be a servant or underling under the command of a high-level black sorcerer, a Quỉ (demon) or a Thần (angel), and have been sent into our realm to to perform a specific task as a boon or to grant a favor to a person living in this realm.  These higher level spirit controllers can cast the  Ma into a physical object such as an amulet or a doll.  Since these inorganic objects cannot absorb chi energies via the natural methods (such as eating or photosynthesis), they must be manually fed (blood sacrifices) in order to have enough energy to do their work.
  6. Ma can also be the result of a Bodhisattva whose hồn continues to linger in the areas that they previously existed while in their physical forms.  Since they are able to transcend, they are no longer bound to either yin or yang realm and can freely move about.  They can usually be found near mountains with abundant khí (chi), or sacred places of worship.



Before I go too far into the subject of Quỉ (demon), I have to reiterate this notion that nothing in this universe is all bad or all good.  Everything is relative to its placement within the environment in which it thrives.  We should suspend judgement upon those who have been grouped into the category of Quỉ.

If we must judge, we should first look back towards us humans.  We, who expend all our energies killing each other with weapons of mass destruction, and despoiling and polluting the environment that we live in.

girl26At first glance, we truly are atrocious to behold.  Anyone who might do a comprehensive study of us humans would not be wrong to think that we are barbaric, evil, and lacking in the most basic aspects of humanity.  We are scary as fuck.

And they would be right, but that generalization begins to lose its sharp-edged meaning once we begin to focus in on individuals.  As individuals, we run the gamut, from the truly evil to the truly good.  There is no way to gauge each person’s level of enlightenment until enough observational time has passed.

This also holds true for individuals in the category of QuỉSince they tend to lean towards the direction of service-to-self, it is more likely that a meeting with an individual Quỉ would result in a run-in with a rather unsavory individual.  The degree of unsavory behavior could be as simple as chronic lying, and can be as bad as wanting to torture and use another sentient being for their own selfish desires.  Because of these service-to-self propensities, they can be simply a nuisance, or downright dangerous.

As I stated previously, do not expect Quỉ to be physically ugly or have wings and horns.  In fact, they may be very physically attractive, as glamour is a spell that is easy to cast and can aid them in gaining a person’s sympathetic acceptance.

In general, the more corrupt they are in life, the stronger their powers become after death.  Their hierarchy in the Âm Giang (world of yin) is directly proportionate to the degree of power that they wield.  The least of these Quỉ become henchmen and underlings for the more powerful Quỉ, and those who are highly corrupt wield a tremendous amount of power over their realm.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  That’s because here in Dương Giang (world of yang), we also have a similar system, and it’s us humans who occupy the positions of bosses and henchmen.

There are several types of Quỉ.

  1. When powerful people like warriors, businessmen, or politicians become corrupt due to their wealth and powers, after they have died, they carry this into the Âm Giang (world of yin) and continue to direct their growth towards that which is more service-to-self.
  2. Sometimes, an otherwise benevolent soul may have died a tragic and wrongful death, or were lured to criminal actions due to malevolent forces present at the time of death.  These recalcitrant Quỉ are those that are able to be swayed, and can be redeemed if a kind soul is willing and able to pay the ransom for their hồn.
  3. Another type of Quỉ  is created by the hồn of those who have been cultivating their inner selves for years, but due to their inability to maintain the ideals of service-to-others, begin to become corrupted by the powers that are generated by the years of martial arts.  They fall into the traps of service-to-self by their desire to attain higher and higher levels of power for the sake of possessing the power, rather than for the service-to-others.  These tend to be some of the most powerful Quỉ  because they have the power, but lack the self-reflective ability to realize that they are no longer on the right path.



Thần (angels/spirits) are often viewed as higher vibrational beings because they are thought to be less corrupted than the Quỉ’s hồn tend to be.  However, as I stated previously, nothing in this universe is all bad or all good, and that includes the possible benevolence and malevolence of Thần (angels).  The reason is simple.

They all occupy the same realm, Âm Giang (world of yin), but one group is considered vigilantes and the other group is the police group.  I’ll let you pick which side is which, depending upon your unique point of view.  There are good cops and there are bad cops, just as much as there are good vigilantes and there are bad vigilantes.

How much power these Thần (angels/spirits) wield depends on how high they have managed to ascend in the order of their echelon.  And if you think that you can tell the difference between a good cop and a bad cop, think again.  Appearances can be deceiving, and it is no less relevant for these beings.  They will not be walking around with white robes and harps, and there will not be wings protruding from their backs or halos on their heads.  One cop looks just like another.  Only observational time can tell the differences between their intentions, but there is one thing that helps to steer you in the right direction.

For the most part, Thần (angels/spirits) possess more of a service-to-others disposition, but do not lower your guard.  They are first and foremost, henchmen for a higher order of more powerful bosses, and as such, their benevolent tendencies extend only as far as their orders allow.  The danger that these beings embody is not necessarily lower than that of the Quỉ.  They can be simply a nuisance, or downright dangerous, depending on their mission.

There are three basic kinds of Thần (angels/spirits):

  1.  The first is the nhiên thần (angels of nature), better known by western understanding as spirits of the land, forests, mountains, and rivers.  The practice of worshiping nature spirits/angels are ancient and widespread.  These nhiên thần  are tied to the specific natural formation that they inhabit and their job is to protect the natural formations they serve.  Loss of that natural formation is akin to the death knell of that particular nhiên thần.  Ever since humanity has grown to the point where we have converted most places on Earth into developments for urban and industrial uses, the nhiên thần’s forces have weakened considerably.  They are, however, by no means dead.  Nature fights on its own time and in its own way.  We are only transitory beings, in the grand scheme of things.
  2. The second is the nhân thần (angels of human spirit) these are the souls of those who were once human, but for one reason or another, have been retained on earth to be guardians for the benefit of mankind.  Their life essences reside in the realm of Âm Giang (world of yin), and for that reason, they cannot die in this Dương Giang (world of yang).  The reason is simple.  They have already died here and have passed onto Âm GiangNhân thần are the undying, walking among us.  They have lived for thousands of years, and will continue to live on this world until whatever master plan they are in charge of has been achieved.  They look just like the humans around them, and there is no way to differentiate the difference.
  3. The third is thiên thần (angels of celestial origin).  These are powerful beings who ascend from outside the Earth.  It would not be inaccurate to call them extra-terrestrials.  They are beings of higher density and descend to assist in the work of soul ascension.  As such, they work for a higher order and must obey the directives of this higher order.  If they assist you, it probably won’t be due to anything that you asked for, but rather, a necessary action that they partake in to fulfill their missions.



Thánh (Saints/Bodhisattva) are the only group of extraordinary beings that I would consider truly benevolent.  They are ordinary people who have attained enlightenment.  Since they have escaped from the wheel of karma, they are no longer bound by the ephemeral veils that separate Dương Giang (world of yang) and Âm Giang (world of yin).

Note that I do not include Buddhas in this grouping because Buddhas have completely taken themselves out of the lower realms.  This leaves only Saints and Bodhisattva, who remain in the lower densities.  What keeps them engaged within our realm is their selfless interest in assisting sentient beings to also achieve enlightenment.  They are pure in motive, and unwavering in their love for all beings (not just humans, but sentient beings in general).

However, for the most part, their motto is usually a ‘hands off’ one, since most of what we go through are necessary for our growth and development.  It would be akin to a child, crying to its parent because she does not want to start kindergarten.  The parent may be sympathetic, but intervening so the child does not have to go to school is not something that any good parent will do.

Ám (Possession)

Okay, so now that I’ve done a brief, rudimentary analysis on the types of beings that we may encounter, from the Âm Giang (world of yin), I need to go into Ám (possession), and the selling and bartering of souls, which I briefly touched in one of my previous postings, Hồn Vía (Part 2): The Selling and Bartering of Souls.

My next posting will tie these two divergent tracts together, and I will place it under the Daemonic World grouping.

(to be continued)

Organic Alchemistry 6: Lulus of the World


(Continued from Organic Alchemistry 5:  Flower of Life)

If I could go back in time with my digital camera, I would have loved to take pictures of humans, as we were, back in our distant past.  It was like a veritable Lord of the Rings environment, where all sorts of humans existed side-by-side.  I would then be able to take a picture of a lulu.

What is a lulu?  You might ask.  Well, let me dig around and find some information on a lulu for you.


Ah!  Here we have a perfect specimen of a lulu, from ancient times.

This skull dates back to over 160,000 years ago, fully-formed, with a complete set of 46 chromosomes and a skull case which could handle a huge brain volume of 1800 cc. [1]  That’s quite amazing since we supposedly far superior modern humans, barely have a 1450 cc brain.


This is a real forensic reconstruction of what a lulu would look like, using the real skull bones of these early humans.  These are the oldest human skulls we have ever found.

Oldest Human Skulls Found

The skulls, dug up near a village called Herto, fill a major gap in the human fossil record, an era at the dawn of modern humans when the facial features and brain cases we recognize today as human first appeared.

The fossils date precisely from the time when biologists using genes to chart human evolution predicted that a genetic “Eve” lived somewhere in Africa and gave rise to all modern humans.

“We’ve lacked intermediate fossils between pre-humans and modern humans, between 100,000 and 300,000 years ago, and that’s where the Herto fossils fit,” said paleoanthropologist Tim White, professor of integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a co-leader of the team that excavated and analyzed the discovery site. “Now, the fossil record meshes with the molecular evidence.”  [1]

 Let me clarify what Dr. White said, from the article above.  From extensive digging, we’ve managed to uncover all sorts of fossils and bones from every strata of the Earth, and we’ve amassed a huge amount of tangible data (namely bones) from pre-humans (those humanoids of the 48-chromosome variety), as well as abundant bone data from 100,000 years onward into the modern time.

The only mysterious hole in the data is human bones existing between 100,000 and 300,000 years ago.  It was as if NO HUMANS LIVED DURING THAT TIME!


But we know that can’t be true because, well…here we are!

Holy Scriptures

I have heard from fairly reliable sources that …there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”  ~  Genesis 6.4  [2]

EgyptianGuySince the Bible does not specify who the giants were, I went digging elsewhere for more information.  The Torah mentions three groups of people who would be tall enough to be considered giants.  They were the Nefilim, the Anakim, and the Refaim. [3]

According to the Torah, these Nefilim (nephilim) were called the Anakim, children of Anak, and were considered to be one of the giant groups that have been cross-referenced in the Bible in various locations.  The most famous of these Anakim was Goliath, the giant that David slew. ~  1 Samuel 17

The Book of Enoch also speaks about the 200 angels, led by a high angel named Azazyel, who came down to earth to mate with the daughters of man and produced giant men.  I can only surmise these 200 angels are the sons of God, and the giants were the offspring of these angels and Earth women. [4]

The Sumerians also documented like mad, all the beings who, from heaven came down.  In their massively cataloged and redundantly translated cuneiform tablets, they call these beings Annunaki, and the 200 angels who took Earth wives were known as the Watchers. [5]

Fossil Records

The fossil records look crazy, and you don’t even have to dig too much or too hard to find this craziness.   I am going to make an attempt to separate out all these accounts and identify the individual groups by combining all accounts from various sources, and then analyzing the stories against the genetic records we currently hold, so that we can begin to see how they fit into our ancient history.


To start off with, there was a lot of evidence all over the planet, for early hominids of every shape and size, going back over two-million years ago.  There was still a long way and a long time to go from the stage hominids were at 300,000 years ago, to our present-day human bodies, and given sufficient and adequate undisturbed time-span, we would have evolved to our current stage in the evolutionary process.

But here is the kicker.

We were quickly taken from a troglodyte form that had lasted for millions of years to modern-day human, within a matter of three-hundred thousand years.


On an evolutionary timeline, 300,000 years would not be enough to even make a single human eyeball, let alone a fully-functioning, complex human brain, capable of inventing warp drive to explore the far reaches of the universe.  And yet, we are asked to believe that the fully-formed homo sapiens sapiens…the fully endowed–nay–OVER-ENDOWED human body–with all the biological resources that we have been given, right out of the womb, happened within the blink of an eye.  One minute, we were Homo rhodesiensis, and the next minute, we were homo sapiens.

And yet, that was what happened.

For two million years, evolution chugged along, slow and steady as it should.  And then, starting somewhere around three-hundred-thousand years ago, there was a tiny bottle neck where we found a very small sample of modern Homo sapiens.


And in a bright flash, this tiny sample sprang out and spread everywhere, effectively wiping out all other forms of humans, including our close kin, the neanderthals.  It is worthy to take note that none of the other human races survived to the present time due to one important factor:  The emergence of Homo sapiens, the only surviving species of the genus Homo, from which Modern humans, the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens, sprang forth.

The first question that sprang to my mind when this information became apparent to me was the date itself.  Why 300,000 years ago?  What was significant about that date?

(to be continued)

[1]  Oldest Human Skulls Found

[2]  Holy Bible, King James Version:  Genesis 6.4

[3]  Torah

[4]  Book of Enoch

[5]  Sumerian Clay Tablets

Bird Dreams


A bird visited me two nights ago.   The bird was large and human-shaped.  It told me I was a bird princess once upon a time.  That would explain why I always have flying dreams.

I wonder if that means I am bird-brained…

Hồn Vía (Part 3): The Fracturing of Souls


(Continued from Hồn Vía (Part 2): The Selling and Bartering of Souls)

As I had previously posted in Hồn Vía (Part 1): Cats Have Nine Lives, I Got Ten Souls!, the ten parts of a human soul consists of three from the father, (Sảng Linh, Thai Quang, and U Tinh) plus the seven from the mother (Thi Cẩu, Phục Thỉ, Tước Âm, Thôn Tặc, Phi Độc, Trừ Uế, and Xú Phế).


This is difficult to grasp, even with a good command of the Vietnamese language.  I need to translate each soul name into English derivatives, and then I need to delve into the individual souls to explain the differences between them.

But before I do that, let me see if I can make it easier, by perhaps tying it to something more easily relatable, something that most people have been exposed to.

The closest I can get to explaining this is to do a comparative analysis between Harry Potter’s nemesis, the undying Voldemort and the ten souls.  It is not an exact fit, but I think I can make it work.

For those of you who have never read or seen anything of the Harry Potter persuasion, I suggest you pause right here, bookmark this page, and go watch all the movies.  Pay particular attention to Voldemort and his various souls.


For the rest of you who have read the books and/or seen the movies, I will break it down into ten different sections, and rename the Vietnamese words for each soul so it’s easier to grasp.

Harry Potter


In the fictional world of Harry Potter, the idea of multiple souls are touched upon, and it is revealed that Voldemort splintered his souls into a number of pieces, embedding them into various objects so that he could become immortal.

Voldemort originally only wanted to make seven horcruxes (for reasons I will delve into later), but ended up splintering his soul into eight pieces, something that he could not survive.  There is a good reason why this is the case.  Listed below are the eight pieces of his soul.  The first seven were souls he was able to detach without killing his essence.  The eighth splinter caused his body to disintegrate, and for good reason, but before I get into that reason, let’s look at Voldemort’s splintered souls.

  1. Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring (Ring)
  2. Salazar Slytherin’s Locket (Locket)
  3. Nagini (Snake)
  4. The diary of Tom Riddle (Book)
  5. Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem (Diadem)
  6. Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup (Cup)
  7. Quirinus Quirrell’s Head (Body)
  8. Harry Potter’s Scar (Scar) *(I will explain this soon)

Now, let’s compare this with the ten individuated souls.

The Ten Individuated Souls


We, as living mortals, possess all ten hồn vía because we need all ten to experience the world as the world should be experienced.  Once we die, the seven maternal souls sink back down into the earth, to become part of the environment that the physical body was created from.  The remaining three paternal souls ascend to a different plane (more on that later).

The paternal souls can be broken down into these three:

  • Sảng Linh (爽 靈 ) – Mental Acuity, Creative and Intellectual Abilities,
  • Thai Quang (胎 光) – Consciousness
  • U Tinh (幽 精) – Personality, Quirks, Unique Traits, Sexual Preference

Of the three, Thai Quang is the most important soul, and it is this one that determines whether a person is still alive in this dimension or has passed on into another realm.  One can possess all nine souls, but if this one is missing, the person is a vegetable.  He or she can sit up, blink, eat, breathe, and exist physically, but the person is gone.

This has been identified by modern-day scientists and labeled as Consciousness, controlled by the somatic system, and it is the only system that we have any actual control over, as slight as this control really is.   A group of researchers, led by associate professor of psychology Ezequiel Morsella of San Francisco State University, has published a paper in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences, documenting the following:

Nearly all of your brain’s work is conducted in different lobes and regions at the unconscious level, completely without your knowledge. When the processing is done and there is a decision to make or a physical act to perform, that very small job is served up to the conscious mind, which executes the work and then flatters itself that it was in charge all the time. – Ezequiel Morsella [1]

In other words, we are mostly NOT in control.

The other two, Mental Acuity and Personality, are basically inert, meaning they are cool to have, but are completely optional.  Imagine a video game where you are able to pick various traits for the avatar (male, female, strength, intelligence, endurance, agility, etc.).  They are important insofar as they individuate the avatar and make them unique, but they are not crucial for the avatar to become mobile and to operate in the holographic game world.


This means that every single trait we have been using to differentiate us from each other has now been relegated to the optional bin.  Everything that we are, from the physical to the emotional, is all automated.  We truly only control a tiny portion of the being that we consider ourselves, and even then, many of our internal controls quite often exert undue influence and cause us to ignore our mental nudging.   We are mere puppets to our souls.

Now, we take a look at the seven maternal souls.

  • Thi Cẩu (尸 苟 ) – respiratory system
  • Phục Thỉ (伏 矢) – vascular system
  • Tước Âm (雀 陰) – digestive system
  • Thôn Tặc (吞 賊,) – renal system
  • Phi Độc (非 毒) – reproductive system
  • Trừ Uế (除 穢) – integumentary system
  • Xú Phế (臭 肺) – Reflex system

There’s not much to say about these souls.  All are fully automatic.  We have no control over the functions of any of these parts.  Remember, these are not the individual organs themselves, but the system, which originates at the point of initiation within the specific areas of the brains that control the organs.

Correlative Comparison

Here they are, a side-by-side comparison of the Ten Taoist Souls, with Voldemort’s Fractured souls.

Ten Taoist Souls Voldemort’s Fractured Soul**
Consciousness Consciousness
Mental Acuity Mental Acuity
Personality Scar
Respiratory System Ring
Vascular System Locket
Digestive System Snake
Renal System Book
Reproductive System Diadem
Integumentary System Cup
Reflex system Body

** Caveat:  Since I have no idea which parts of Voldemort’s souls correspond to which system, I randomly placed them next to the Ten Taoist Souls.  In the case of Harry Potter’s scar, it is distinguishable as one of the paternal souls, specifically the personality aspect.

Looking at Voldemort’s fractured soul through the eyes of an uninitiated Hogwarts’ wizard will make no sense since we have no idea why Voldemort does what he does.  However, when we look at this subject through the eyes of a Taoist Wizard, it begins to make sense.

If we apply Taoist concepts to this fictional character, we have to establish that from the start, Voldemort had two souls that he could not lose.  Those are the Consciousness and the Mental Acuity.  For him to lose Consciousness is for him to lose the link to life in this density.  Losing Mental Acuity would not allow him to utilize the knowledge he had amassed throughout his lifetime to control others around him.  These would have to remain within the vessel that is his primary body.

The remainder of his souls could be fractured and then scattered throughout the wizard world that he and Harry Potter occupy.  The fact that he lost another soul to Harry Potter’s scar caused him to lose his grip on the wizarding world that he and Harry Potter inhabited.  This means that even in his fictional world, there are souls that cannot be lost without grave consequences.

PencilGirlWithin the Taoist tenet, the general rule is that we all start off with ten fully functioning souls, but throughout our lifetimes, the links between our ten souls and the areas of the brain that each occupies, weakens.

Weakened, intermittent signal output is common.  Complete disengagement also occurs, although it is rather rare in the young and the strong.  As a person ages, the chance of weakened connections to one or more of our seven maternal souls increase, causing disturbances in our overall physical systems.  Disturbances in one or more of the three paternal souls cause dementia, personality changes, and even mental degradation up to and including vegetative states.

In essence, we can have weakened, intermittent connections to some of these souls and we could still function fairly decently in this density.  There is only one exception.  Any interruption of Consciousness results in complete and irrecoverable death from this realm.

So how does all this relate to the previous post regarding the bartering and selling of souls?  In my next post, I will delve into the possibilities of vessel possession.

(to be continued)

[1]  Homing in on consciousness in the nervous system: An action-based synthesis


Hồn Vía (Part 2): The Selling and Bartering of Souls


(Continued from Cats Have Nine Lives, I Got Ten Souls!)

She is one of those stunningly beautiful girls with a tall willowy figure, a feline face and an unforgettable smile, perfect teeth, and perfect skin.  Her features are of the classic, timeless sort of beauty, unencumbered by the whimsies of passing fads and fashions, her grace, a calm and peaceful lotus blossom, mirrored by the gentleness of her soul.

Unlike yours truly, who howls like a wounded hooligan at the odd inculpable windmill every now and again, this woman is truly well-bred.  Despite having been born quite beautiful, she lives a fairly ordinary life, unencumbered by the gift of her beauty; her style, quite ordinary, her means, modest.

If this is all that can be said about her, then I  would not be able to pick her out from among the thousands and thousands of beautiful people I have met in my lifetime.  She is beautiful, but not THAT beautiful—remarkable, but not THAT remarkable, in the grand scheme of things.

But this woman harbors within her a secret that few are aware of.  On the surface, all is as it should be.  However, delve into the underbelly of her life and something macabre surfaces.   This woman is a vessel.


I have debated with myself whether or not I should tell this story, because I want to protect her privacy.  However, in the interest of bringing this heretofore subverted subject into the light, I will document her story and let you be the judge of its veracity.

To protect her identity, I will only reveal the fact that she is one of my relatives, and therefore, I am very familiar with her situation.

Her name is—let’s just call her Tara.  She is 34 years old, married, and blessed with two bright, vivacious children of high intellect.  She spends her days taking care of a geriatric mother-in-law and her two school-aged children.  Her husband is a successful chemical engineer, and they live in a high rise condo way above a bustling vibrant city.

Things look normal on the outside, but there is a secret that only family members know.  I know this secret because I am also a family member, and I have seen it with my own eyes.

Tara is an easy and unwitting vector for spirit possession.


At any given time, and during great stress points in her life, various entities can (and will) take over her body and wreak havoc on those immediately around her.  Whenever this happens, Tara turns into a completely different person, with abilities and strengths she does not normally possess.  Let me explain.

Some years back, when her youngest daughter was still in diapers, the family lived near a tributary that floods after every single heavy rainfall.  It was during one of those heavy flooding that the unspeakable happened.  The stress of having to deal with flood waters rising inside her house, and having to evacuate with two young children and an elderly mother-in-law caused something to snap inside her psyche.

yellingAn entity swooped in, changing her from her usual gentle self, to that of a heroin-addicted male.  He was a scary character, laughing and crying maniacally, and begging for a chemical fix to relieve his withdrawal agony.

His voice was deep and masculine–his face, rugged and pock-marked.  We know this because much of his physical attributes showed up on Tara’s own face, softened only by her female lines.  Her sisters, who lived nearby, managed to constrain her and keep her from harming herself and her children until, aided by local Buddhist monks, the madness subsided.

As it turned out, there had been a man living in the neighborhood, who had died of heroin addiction only a year or two before this episode.  Sadly, his death was not from heroin overdose, but rather, from the misguided attempts of his family to force him into quitting, cold turkey.  His family members had tied him up inside the house, in a desperate last ditch attempt to keep him from acquiring the heroin his body needed.  Without the heroin fix, the man died in agony, unable to overcome the effects of the symptoms of withdrawal.

Tara’s husband, Nathan, a rational man of logic and science, cannot explain this in any manner.  His original response to this episode was to take her to a respected psychiatrist who, after a cursory examination, gave her pills to take which, he proclaimed with confidence, would cure her ailments.

Time passed, with only the occasional mild possession to mar the calmness until one day, a major possession once again took hold of her.  This time, it was in response to a neighborhood bully who decided to use her younger sister as a punching bag.  Tara went from being a mild-mannered young woman to a horrifying knife-wielding thug, complete with the coarse salty language that thugs used.

Worse yet, the language she used was an ancient one, rarely heard of, and barely known within the community.  In a frightful fit, she performed martial arts moves that she had never learned, and brandished the cleaver as if it was an exquisite instrument of martial weaponry.  She nearly killed the neighbor.  Her terrified husband sent her back to her mother’s home in the western hills of the country and then moved the rest of the family to a different part of the city.

Tara eventually was able to return home, with assurances from her family that the monks from the nearby temple had done their job to heal her of her affliction, but having lived through multiple episodes of possession after the latest attempts to cure her, Nathan was resigned to the fact that strange phenomenon do occur, and these occurrences cannot be explained with any scientific methods that he has been trained to utilize with his scientific background.

A few years back, I had the opportunity to visit her family, whilst traveling for business purposes.  Since her husband was away on work-related travel, I was able to spend most of that time with Tara and her children.  The small condo did not have a guest room, so I spent the night in the same room with Tara and her young daughter.

Needless to say, I was terrified every night.


I kid you not.  Each night, I was wide awake, worried that some spirit would take over her body and I would be left alone in that room, trying to figure out how to handle the situation.  Thankfully, she did not exhibit any signs of possession the week I was visiting, but if she had, it would have been me and the kids, alone with a spirit demon.

For my gentle readers to understand her situation, I need to back up and explain a few things about Tara and her family.

Tara’s family is known within her small community, as one whose ancestors had been famous spirit vectors.  She is one of twelve children of whom, more than half possess this strange ‘affliction’.  It almost always begins at the onset of adolescence and early adulthood, and unless the afflicted sibling retired to a temple and live out their days among the monks and nuns, the possessions continue to occur throughout their lifetimes.  Still, I was curious as to why her family’s curse landed on only part of the family and not others.  When I asked her, I was stunned by her answer.

Tara:  “Our family is very poor.  To give the most worthy kids the best chance of escaping poverty, as children, we are taken to a temple to ask for luck and favors.”

Me:  “So does that mean the children who do not get possessed are those who don’t get taken to the temple?”

Tara:  “I’m not sure, but I think that is the case.”

So something must have happened to the children who get taken to the temple.  But what?  Would this be the reason why is she such an easy target for demonic possession, as opposed to someone like me—who by rights, should be ripe picking???  Although I am very sensitive, my spirit is very strong.  I have never experienced a possession (thank the stars) even though I am one of those people who have a very close connection to alternate realities.

To answer this question, we must delve into the individuated aspects of a person’s soul.

(to be continued)

4D (Part 4): Lights & Shadows


When I was a child, my father would amuse us kids with shadow puppets that he created on the wall using his fingers.  He only knew a few tricks, but they were enough to keep us amused for however long it took for my mother to get dinner on the table.  He could make butterflies and dogs and dancing clowns, but the one shadow puppet that impressed me the most was his bunny rabbit.

I remembered asking him to show me how to do it, and to be fair, he did try.  But alas, I was a rather dim child and could never get my fingers to fold into the correct shapes that produced a believable rabbit shadow.  The best I could do was something that was akin to a twisted macabre-looking lumpy animal, but although I was never able to make this rabbit shadow puppet, the whole experience taught me something very valuable early on.

2D Shadows may look as if they are cast by the real 3D objects, but they are quite often not even close to mirroring the objects that created them.


Simply put, a three-dimensional figure can cast a two-dimensional shadow, but it is too simplistic to say that we can observe this shadow and glean some information about the three-dimensional thing that caused the shadow.  After all, that twisted macabre-looking lumpy animal I was trying to create in my childhood was nothing more than the shadows of the tortured fingers of a clumsy kid, when viewed in the 3D electric brilliance of my family’s living room.  Anyone trying to guess at the 3D object which cast that particular shape would have been very wrong on all accounts.

Now, take this shadow anecdote and superimpose it over the laborious attempts by modern-day scientists to capture what are, to my simple mind, 4D shadows so that they can extrapolate what the 4D object is, and we see the very real limitations of doing so.

The January 4, 2018 issue of Nature published something that caused a big buzz within the physics world, and it has something to do with the ‘quantum Hall effect’ [1].


An international team of researchers from Penn State, ETH Zurich in Switzerland, the University of Pittsburgh, and the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel have demonstrated that the behavior of particles of light can be made to match predictions about the four-dimensional version of the “quantum Hall effect”—a phenomenon that has been at the root of three Nobel Prizes in physics—in a two-dimensional array of “waveguides. [2]

girlLeafNow, far be it for me to claim deep knowledge about a subject that is ‘at the root of 3 Nobel Prizes in physics’.  In fact, I barely understand this image at all, other than the most rudimentary of gleanings from an unschooled mind in the field of esoteric physics (is there such a thing as esoteric physics or is this another Taobabe-invented word?).

I’ll tell you what I see.

I see a box made from glass, with a bunch of holes drilled into it.  These holes are supposed to be conduits which allow a beam of light to travel through unimpeded.  They freeze this box down to absolute-zero temperature and zap it with a strong magnetic field, and this treatment causes the light to exit out, not in a straight line but rather through a hole that is diametrically opposite from the initial input hole.

From this experiment, the light is supposedly traveling in a straight line, except that going straight, in the 4D world, is rather zig-zaggy and not very straight in our 3D world.

drinkingcoffeeHmm.  This kinda reminds me of all those holes in the walls that I talked about in one of my previous post, 4D (Part 2): Hole in the Wall.  I also said, to get to my destination, I had to travel as the crow flies (in a straight line) through 4D, or else I would be totally lost.

This makes complete sense.

Even though the path that the light from the glass experiment takes may look like a zig-zag pattern when viewed in 3D, it’s actually a straight line in 4D, thereby allowing the light to come out on the other side in a different location.  As far as that light beam is concerned, going through 4D is no different than going through 3D.  It is still moving in a straight line.

Now, before you guys get all huffy about this, I promise that even though I wrote the 4D Part 2 post back on January 6th, which makes it 2 days after the Nature article came out, I had NEVER seen said article until very recently (as recently as a few days ago), and it did not influence my dream or my writing in any way, shape, or form.  I like for people to think I keep up with cutting edge scientific matters, but honestly, I’m just a shallow Taobabe who likes to read lolcats, and articles with pretty pictures of Korean cosmetics.  Nature is just not a rag that I peruse with any regularity (except when I need to cite some info for some weird post I’m writing).

OK, so where was I?  Oh yes.  4D Shadows.

In my humble unscientific opinion, it is very tenuous, to say the least, to think that if we can concoct some type of real-world physical system to observe a shadow that a fourth-dimensional object leaves on our 3D world, we would be able to gain some understanding of that object and learn about the fourth-dimensional nature of the object—an object that has somehow left its shadow on the lower dimensions that we are able to observe with our limited senses.

Allow me to clarify.

Our senses are very limited.  No.  I mean, seriously limited.


That tiny band of unicorn colors is all that we can see with our ocular system.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Our eyes are (arguably) one of the most complex organs in our body, and if left by random chance to evolve to the degree that it has, I’m not sure if it would be possible.  Having said that, in the grand scheme of things, we’re blind as mole rats.

Our brain, on the other hand, is something else altogether.  It is not just an organ that allows us to control our bodies, to move about, and to gather information about the external world.  It is also a very high-level receiver.


It is so high level that it can receive information, not just from our mundane 3D world, but it can also receive information from other dimensions.  At last count, we humans are able to receive and utilize information all the way up to the eleventh dimension. [3]  That’s not me making up fake news, y’all.  This is vetted, peer-reviewed stuff.

Remember the topological pastries I was talking about in my previous posting, 4D (Part 3): The Topology of Pastries?  It has an applied side that has to do with mathematically proving how our brain is able to receive info from higher dimensions.  The mathematicians who applied algebraic topology to the study of brain networks are Kathryn Hess from EPFL and Ran Levi from Aberdeen University. [3]  So how does the brain receive data from higher dimensions if it is only a 3D object?

The answer is, it’s NOT!


There is, literally, multi-dimensional geometrical structures and spaces within the networks of the brain, but don’t take it from me (I’m a nobody).  Take it from the professional scientists.

“The appearance of high-dimensional cavities when the brain is processing information means that the neurons in the network react to stimuli in an extremely organized manner.  It is as if the brain reacts to a stimulus by building then razing a tower of multi-dimensional blocks, starting with rods (1D), then planks (2D), then cubes (3D), and then more complex geometries with 4D, 5D, etc. The progression of activity through the brain resembles a multi-dimensional sandcastle that materializes out of the sand and then disintegrates.”  — Ran Levi, PhD.

So, in Taobabe-speak, if our brain receives a one-dimensional piece of data, it creates at that moment, enough rods (1D) to receive this data, and then the rods disintegrate back into base components to be reassembled for other data points.  If it receives data in 2D, it creates planks (2D) to accept the data, and then it disintegrates.  If it receives info that is three-dimensions, it makes cubes (3D) to accept info, and then it disintegrates.  Data received from dimensions 4 through 11 get weirder, more complex shapes and designs so that it has the capability to receive the more esoteric information.

Do you know what this means?

girl talking

This means that we don’t even need to build a glass box to catch a shadow.  Our brain is already doing that, and doing it with ease and perfection.  The only thing that’s missing is an adequate output interface!

So why is it that we can pick up information from up to eleven dimensions but we can only experience things in 3D?  Sadly, just as a small black and white tube television is only able to broadcast black and white images within its limited capacity no matter how much digital information we stream into it, if it cannot handle the delivery, it will be nothing more than a doorstop.

We are only able to see what our limited physiology allows us to see.  This means that anything our brain picks up above the 3D realm can be processed, but it can’t be shown to us because our wetware is not up-to-speed.

We need a serious bio-upgrade.

(to be continued)

[1]  https://www.nature.com/articles/nature25000

[2]  https://phys.org/news/2018-01-four-dimensional-physics-dimensions.html

[3]  https://blog.frontiersin.org/2017/06/12/blue-brain-team-discovers-a-multi-dimensional-universe-in-brain-networks/

Dropped & Missing Links


It’s spring, y’all, and you know what that means.  It’s spring cleaning time.

Time for me to scour through all the links to the right ==> and check to see if there are any (to be continued) articles that dropped off into the deep end, never to find their promised continuation.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have done quite a bit of sequential writing, where I do my best to organize the posts in a logical fashion, so that a three-part discussion is grouped together into parts 1, 2, and 3 (and 4, and 5, and 6).  I have also added many links to posts that I feel are relevant to the discussion at hand.  In this fashion, I feel that I have done a decent job with maintaining congruity to the multitude of ideas that I present.

Sadly, there are many abrupt dead-ends that plague my lists.  Looking through the list, I am sad to report, I have much work to do.



I found a lot of dead ends.

This is indicative of how my brain works.  I scamper happily through the varied gardens of knowledge, rattling off in childish monologue blather, all the delights I found growing in a disarray of profusion.  And, like a child, I never finish anything I start off.

So in an effort to be a more responsible writer, I will resist the urge to write about new topics until all the older dead ends have been resolved—as in an ending of a chapter before starting a new chapter on a different topic altogether.

Still…so many new interesting topics to explore…so many new ideas to think about…so many exciting things to delve into…