Paper Bullets


Yet again, another one of those highly disturbing dreams, bordering on nightmarish visions that I feel the need to capture in words.

I am surrounded by happy friendly people, all of whom I know well in my dream, but none of whom I have ever met in real life.  We are at my house, having some type of co-op college party.  I was taking a shower when all of a sudden, the sound of air raid horns blare off in long harsh, nerve jangling screams.  I shut off the water and ran to the window, just in time to see smoke rising up from the distance, as jets fly in all directions, firing projectile weapons at something I could barely make out.  I would have focused my attention on what the jets were firing upon except that my eyes were distracted by what was coming towards us, from the ground.


They were obviously not from this world.  They were non-humanoid in form, and they were charging straight at us.  In a panic, I pulled a couple of towels from the rack, draped one around my still-dripping hair, and one around my body in sarong style, and ran out to the living room.  Several of the girls pulled  my hand.  Come, come!  We have to leave this area!  As they were ushering me out, all I could think of was, I have no clothes on! I don’t even have shoes on!  But I had no choice. Ignoring the amused looks coming from the guys, I ran out with the girls, into what looked like a battle ground.  No. Let me rephrase that.

It was a fucking war zone.

I was horrified.  There was artillery raining down on us from both sides of the war, and the girls were shooting up at whatever and whoever was shooting down, using some type of hand missile launchers.  One of the girls handed me a missile launcher and told me to aim it at the extraterrestrials.  I took a good look at the weapon that had been unceremoniously dumped into my hand and gave a hysterical laugh.

There was no fricking way this thing could possibly do anything to anybody.  It was a missile launcher that used, of all things as ammunition, paper rounds.  In essence, they were shooting paper missiles into the air at a people who had the technology to come here from astronomical distances through space and time.  To my utter amazement, the paper bullets exploded on contact into millions of pieces of colorful confetti and folded origami cranes.  All the tiny paper shrapnel floated to the ground in dancing waves of celebratory cheer, even as the war raged on.

I threw the weapon to the ground in disgust.  I did not want to shoot at anybody anyhow, extraterrestrials or not.  Their lives were just as precious as mine was, and their souls, just as connected to mine as I was to myself.  I was damned if I was going to treat them any differently than I treated the people around me at my co-op party.

I stood under that darkened sky, filled with smoke and artillery of every type, trying my best to garner all the love and good will I had inside my body.  With every ounce of my being, I threw up my arms and aimed blasts of love and good will into the sky.  Alas, it was completely inadequate.  There was just too much chaos around me.  The sky was too large for my puny little effort.  I was panicking fast, but I knew I could not succumb to the fear of my inadequacy.  Gathering up all the pure chi that I had left inside my core inner being, I cast waves of love out in a bubble shape, as wide as I could, and then I shut my eyes and held my ground.  If I died, then at least I died with thoughts of love and peace.

Well, it must have been quite peaceful because I actually fell asleep in my dream.  I was awakened later, by a couple of the girls who had pulled me out.  They were smiling at me as if trying to reassure me that all was well.  I got up and looked around, and was amazed that I was lying in the middle of a huge impact crater.  The ridges around me perfectly matched the ring (or dome) of love and goodwill I had been trying to project.  It seemed then, that my love and good will could not protect me or anyone around me, from the war that was going on around me, but at least I had not died from the craziness around me.

The girls led me back to my house, and again, I had to avert my eyes from the merriment and smiles I felt coming from the guys who were still at the house.  I was painfully aware of my filthy body, covered by the grime of warfare, clothed in nothing but a bath towel.  It was at about this time that I thankfully woke up.  I have not had a chance yet, to analyze this dream, but it bothered me so much that I think–I think I’m going to go take a shower.

Skepticism Is Going to Get You Reincarnated


There is an ABSOLUTE LAW of what is fair and unfair, of what is right and wrong in the universe and it’s the law of free will according to the Law of One.  You think it’s not real, not scientific?  Skepticism is going to get you reincarnated, my friend! ~ David Wilcock

The Mark of an Educated Mind

educated mind

Demons, Souls, and Vietnamese Taoist Magic

Taoist Altar

(Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article is that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions held by this blog or Taobabe)

Author:  Phillip K.

My name is Phillip and I am a Taoism Magic Practitioner.  This is my story about the journey that I took into the world of Taoist Magic.

In 2012, My mother got in argument with a female co-worker who was rumor to be a Ngải practitioner, or what the western world knows of as a Black Magic Sorcerer.  This is very lethal magic.  This sorcerer has been known to have used black magic in the past to shutdown a co-worker’s business.  She has also killed off an entire family prior to the attack on my family.  After my mother’s altercation with her, horrible things started to happen to me and my family.  My dad died and my mother was possessed by spirits, causing her to go crazy.  I was in college at the time and had to quit attending because I too, almost died from it.

Our family struggled with constant serious magical attacks for two years until, out of desperation, I cultivated Taoism as a form of self-protection for myself and my family.  I had to learn how to do exorcisms for all three of my souls and all 7 spirit layers because I was possessed by an evil god (yêu quái) that had gained access to my three souls via two portal openings.  I needed to seal up these portals so that I could drain out the energy stealing magic from my seven Spirit Layers because it had been so badly contaminated by the evil god that I was lucky enough to survive it.

One of these portals was linked to a female with a home-made altar, so i suspect it is the woman who was rumored to be the practitioner of Ngải sorcery.  The other portal was a big professional altar linked to a male sorcerer for hire.  He not only sent the evil god to possess me, he also sent Goo spirits to contaminate my three souls.  Just to clarify, around my house, we call this type of spirit or Goo in Chinese.  Goo spirits are worms, insects, microscopic organism, and in my case, poisonous and carnivorous plants.

I am currently learning from a Chinese Taoist master in Canada, and i am receiving direct teachings and magic from him.  I was his client at first but my attacks were so severe that when he sealed up one portal, shortly thereafter, another portal emerged and a new entity came in to attack me, so i had to learn how to fight them myself.  I set up a Taoist altar of my own.  I do my own cultivation, writing and activation of my own Bùa spells, and I perform my own exorcism, sealing and backfiring.  I now also have tools specifically designed to burst Ngải spirits and toxins as well.

Even though I am cultivating Taoism and have learned how to use exorcism to deal with the attacks, I am still contaminated with Goo and gong residue left behind from several evil god possessions.  I have destroyed them, but I am still undergoing self-detox to remove the remaining residue.  I have use what is known as ‘backfire exorcism’ to bounce the evil magic back to its source.  It apparently seems to be working because I have recently heard news that the sorcerer had to quit her job because she has fallen ill.  I am no longer in a state of life-threatening emergency like I was at first, but i will definitely keep you update on my progress.

On the Three Souls and the Seven Spirits

If you are not familiar with the concept of the three souls and seven spirits of the human psyche, this is how it works.  The Vietnamese Taoists call them 3 hồn 7 phách, literally translated as Three Souls, Seven Spirits.  Each human being has three souls:  the Physical Soul, the Mental Soul, and the Central Soul.  Around these three souls are seven protective layers called Spirits Layers.  These Layers protect the three souls and keep them in place for the duration of a human’s lifetime.

When a person dies, the first of the seven Spirit Layers dies and releases its protective connection to the Central Soul (aka yuen sun central, celestial, or soul celestial) causing the Central Soul to float upward into outer-space.  The energy of the Central Soul merges back into nature’s energy source, or what Taoists call Chi.  Between day two and day seven, one by one, the seven spirits die, causing the Mental Soul to sink down into the ground.  As each spirit dies out, the Mental Soul sinks further and further into the earth’s core.  When all seven spirit die, there is nothing left to tether the Physical Soul to the physical world, and it will then sink until it reaches the Mental Soul.  At this point, the two souls will combine into one.  After that, this combination Mental/Physical Soul goes into another realm or dimension.  This dimension is a bubble world that exists between the yang realm and the yin realm, or what the Vietnamese call the âm giới and dương giới.  There, it sits and waits for the right time and condition to be reincarnated again.

On the Yin Realm and the Yang Realm

The yin and yang realms are not located somewhere out there in the universe.  It exists right here on Earth.  Our planet is split into two parallel worlds, the yin realm and the yang realm.  We currently live in the yang realm, so when this Mental/Physical Combo Soul gets reborn again, it does not come back into this yang realm (dương giới).  Rather, it will be reincarnated into the yin realm (âm giới).  People living in the yin realm are just normal people like us.  They are born, they grow up, they grow old, and then they die.  This is the same pattern in either realm.  If you live in the yang realm, when you die, you reincarnate into yin realm.  When you’ve finished living your life in the yin realm, you die again and reincarnate back into yang realm.  This is the pattern of reincarnation.

It’s not just Earth that has this duo realms.  In each planet of our solar system there are humans living in them.  Here on Earth, in our yang realm, we see the planets as devoid of any life forms, and with harsh atmosphere, but in the other dimension it has the right condition to sustain life.  Likewise, if people living in yin realm were to look at Earth from their dimensional perspective, they will see no life and will believe that Earth cannot sustain life, and they will be correct in their realm.

Science has theories about the multiverse and parallel dimensions, and they are dead right about these theories.  Scientists just don’t yet have the technology to explore and confirm these theories, but we can confirm it through traveling with our souls as well as portal teleportation.  It’s not about imagining anything or doing any meditation.  It has nothing to do with lucid dreaming or astral projection.  You just simply do it.  It’s as simple as that.

On Ghosts and Demons

In the post, The Tao Babe’s Third Eye, there is a quote from John Blofeld which needs to be addressed.  It reads:

“Men, animals, ghosts, demons— all deserve sympathetic consideration.  Formed from the great Tao, Matrix of the Universe, all are equally necessary to nature’s purposes.  If we destroy any being without good cause, how can we expect our fellows to treat us less belligerently?  Let live, leave well enough alone, abstain from exaggerated reactions and one may be sure of remaining on good terms with all the hosts of heaven, earth, and hell.  Even corpse-devouring demons are capable of gratitude.” — John Blofeld.

In my opinion, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about—yet another bullshit author.  Ghost and demons do not deserve our sympathy.  We see one, we kill one.  There is no need for us to feel remorse or feel sorry for them because we should not cross into each other’s realms and cause trouble.  Each reincarnated group should stay in their respective realms, but sometimes, people who were born into the yin realm find a way to cross over to our realm and cause trouble.  We call them ghosts, but unfortunately, they are not the only ones who cross over into our realm.

To clarify all the various groups that can cross over to our world, here is a general list that incorporates most of those groups.

Evil gods – Let say for example someone good dies, and people want to deify or turn him into a saint/god, so they worship and pray to him.  Unfortunately, it is impossible for a dead person to turn into a god.  In fact, it is impossible to turn anything man-made into a god, so what happens instead, is that it attracts evil entities from other dimensions to come into this yang realm to claim godhood.  The people want to worship something, so by the simple act of worshiping a ‘graven image’, the evil entity becomes these people’s gods. It effectively claims the title.  This means that when people worship and offer food or pray, they are sending energy to this evil entity and this evil entity hangs around and consumes all this free energy.  This is how an evil god is created.

For the people who are scared of the unknown when they die, they trust and rely on a god or deity to save them but in actually they will be doomed because most of the deities out there are fakes.  When you worship man-made statues or fake things, you will be taken by evil gods and entities and will either be eaten out of existence, or at the very least, become enslaved.  Deities do not need to be worshiped unless they are control freaks.  They have better shit to do than sit inside your statue on top of your altar all day long hearing you pray.  Despite what you think, they are not omnipotent.  They cannot be in a million places at once with other people having the same altar, hearing everyone pray at the same time.

A good example is Quan Yin.  In Buddhist temples and homes, 99% of this deity’s statues are FAKE.

mahakala mask

This is the original Quan Yin.  He was a man who originated in India.

Today’s version 2.0 is Chinese and has changed gender to be a woman who looks all nice and shit.


—so fake.

Look at India today.  I wouldn’t want to go there.  It’s one of the poorest countries in the world, full of starvation and natural disasters.

In short, it’s best not to worship anything.  Stay atheist and stay safe.

Animal Spirit (Yêu) – Yêu are animal beings, or intelligent animal beings from a different dimension.  They do not usually interact with us, but sometimes, one turns evil in the same manner as an evil god can.  By the very act of worshipping them, humans allow them to cross over and consume energy from the worship.  Black sorcerers take advantage of these spirits for their purposes or evil tasks.  If you have ever watched the movie, Journey to the West and see Monkey King and Pig Demon, they look exactly like these beings.

Demon (Quái) –  These spirits do not look like animals.  They look very odd or out of the ordinary; really weird looking.  For example, they may have three heads or a messed up face with bone rib cages hanging out.  These things are quái or ma qui.  It could also be a combo (Yêu Quái) if it is an animal but looks very odd and messed up, or doesn’t completely look like an animal, in which case we call them Animal Demon.

Animal Demons, similar to evil gods and other types  demons can also affect physical objects, depending on the situation and if it is really powerful, or if the yêu is made up of some physical matter.  It can also affect physical objects in our yang realm if it has been cursed or worshiped by a large religious group over and over for a long period of time.

Ghost (Ma) – Yin beings are like us when they are in their yin realm.  They are not labeled as a ghost until they cross over to our yang realm and cause havoc.  They are never in the form of three souls because to cross over to our realm, they have to leave their Central Soul behind in their yin realm.  They will either have a single soul or dual soul but never a Central Soul.

There are three categories of, single/dual soul ghosts.

The first and most common type is the one with only a Mental Soul.  You cannot see these ghosts because this type is invisible but they can mess with you through your mind.  They can talk to you and brainwash you; they can make you go crazy, and even have suicidal tendencies.  The Mental Soul ghosts do not have eyes so they cannot see you.  They can only sense you, like a blur or an energy glow.

The second category is the ghost with only a Physical Soul.  You can see these ghosts but they have no thoughts or intelligence.  However, they can haunt you and they do cause fear when they appear in front of you.  Because they have no thoughts, they cannot mess with your mind.  Visually, they look like misty, like black or grey fog or gas.  They may even take on a misty human shape, but they are usually the least dangerous of the ghost types.

Category three, the dual soul ghost, is the most dangerous and most powerful of all the ghosts because they are lethal.  You can see them and they can mess with your head or even kill you even though ghosts, in general, cannot affect you physically because they cannot affect physical objects in the yang realm.

Then, there are the poltergeists—ghost that can move physical objects.  Actually, its a misconception because ghost cannot do these things.  However, if a category three ghost, one with both a Mental Soul and a Physical Soul were to attach itself to you, then you will be able to see things moving and banging around.  However if I were to be there in person with you, then i would not see it.  This is because that ghost has successfully attacked and penetrated through your seven spirit layers and have knocked your three souls out of alignment, which causes you to see illusions.

Not all ghosts are evil, just as not all people are evil.  However, we currently have people who monitor this situation, and anywhere these ghosts are found, they are killed for the violation of trespassing.  Likewise, if we somehow found a way to trespass into their realm and cause havoc, they also have people who will kill us.

Ghosts are different from demons (yêu quái and ma quỉ).  Demons reside in the multiverse.  You may see them in movies and think they are all fake and made-up, but they are very real, and they do exist in the multiverse.    Of course, not all Demons are evil, just as not all humans are evil, and as long as Demons stay in their multiverses, we don’t bother them.  They should also not bother us.  They are not allow to cross over to our side or have any sort of interaction with our world.  We cannot live along side them.   For the ones who cross over to cause trouble , if we see them, we annihilate them without hesitation.  We don’t waste time asking them to leave because if they can come and go, they can also return at a different location.   There is no talking to them or negotiation with them.  We kill them on the spot.  We do not show any sympathy or remorse or hesitation because they are dangerous.

Don’t let the Demons fool you into thinking they are gods.  If you hand over your souls to them thinking you will go to Paradise, they can eat your souls and you will die permanently, which means no more reincarnation.  If they cross over, they are most likely here to cause havoc and should be killed.  In short, they should just keep the fuck out.

On Heaven, Hell, and the Celestial Realm

Let me make this abundantly clear.  There is no Hell, and Heaven is not what you think it is.

The concept of Heaven and Hell as we know it, is just stupidity and blind faith—some made up fake Buddhism and karma theory, or Christian bullshit scare tactics to control people.  It doesn’t exist.   If it actually exists, we should be able to create a map or locate it with a GPS, but nobody has ever been able to pin point the exact location of its whereabouts.  Those who prescribe to the idea of hell being located in a physical place cannot support what they claim.  Let me repeat, it is all fake bullshit.  It is all man-made religions which allow gullible people to be eaten or enslaved by evil gods and demonic entities when they die.  If they are eaten, they cannot reincarnate, and are swallowed up out of existence.  This is why atheism is the safest route.  You simply do not believe or worship anything, and you do not give up your souls for any thing or any god that asks you to.

Celestial Realm, or Heaven (thiên giới) on the other hand, does exist.  It is located way pass the galaxies and the milky way, in the far reaches of the known Universe, which is all of space-time and everything that exists therein, including all planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, the smallest subatomic particles, and all matter and energy.  You cannot go to Heaven when you die unless you have spent time cultivating yourself and working towards having a life there.  Technology over there is far more advance than ours, very glassy looking to the point that it’s hard to believe its Taoism at all.

But that’s not for everybody.   Even Taoists can’t go there if they don’t know how.  They will just go to yin realm like everybody else when they die because this is how nature works.  This cycle of reincarnation is how you purify your soul.  There really is no short cut, but there are so many people who don’t trust in nature and allow it to do its thing.  They fear the unknown and they fear what happens to them when they die. This causes them to develop a belief system where they must worship a deity, and this deity will somehow save them.  They believe that they get to go to heaven if they do good deeds (or at least confess their bad deeds), and if they do bad deeds, they go to hell.

Furthermore, they also believe that if someone does not believe in anything or have no religion, or worship a different deity than the one that they believe in, this person is doomed because their god will not save this person and he or she will go to hell.  This is the way most theist religions like Christianity work.  In short, if you don’t worship God or Jesus, he will damn you to hell.  In other religions, if you do not believe in their prescribed deity, or if you do bad deeds, you may not go to hell, but you don’t get saved either, and you will disappear out of existence as your corpse and body breaks down.

Truth is, most everybody living in this world simply gets reincarnated into yin realm and starts over with a new life there.  To reach heaven, you cannot just simply do good deeds and think it is enough to reach the Celestial Realm.  There are protocols you must follow—and of course u can’t be evil—your energy has to be pure—no bad energy.  You must also want to go there AND have a cultivation method to reach there so you can have a life there when u die.

On the Difference Between Taoist Philosophy and Taoist Magic

The way to gain the ability to sense and interact with energy and sense ghost is to cultivation Taoism.  Do not confuse Taoist philosophy with Taoist Magic.  The two are separate entities.  The Taoist philosophy is the same philosophy we all know and love, but Taoist Exorcism and Magic is a completely different thing.  It is divided into different lineages, such as Luk Yam Lineage, Mao Shen Lineage, etc…the list goes on and on, and because it is composed of people and run by people, there will always be impure Taoist sects that say they are Taoists, but also incorporate scams and dark magic into their lineage.

These Taoist lineages may or may not have been pure thousands of years ago but as time passed, corruption set in and it became no longer pure.  My Taoist master used to be part of the Luk Yam and Mao Shen sect and was an active practitioner of Taoist Magic, but he quit because he felt it was corrupted.  You can tell a sect is corrupt when they try to kill you with magic for wanting to leave.  When he quit, many people from his sect did try to kill him with magic.

Luk Yam and Mao Shen sects are damn evil!  They harness power from the fox demons, pig demons, ghosts, etc.  They also don’t just kill ghosts, they manipulate and enslave them.  Remember, ghosts are just regular people like you and me, who just happen to be going through reincarnation on the other side and for some reason, found themselves back in our realm.

These impure sects dig up people’s coffins and tame ghosts and raise ghost babies to do their work for them.  They claim to do exorcisms and kill ghost but they are pretty much using evil to kill off another evil.  It’s like treating poison with a stronger poison.  Other similar sect you should avoid is the Lui Son, Am Son.  There are also more sects like this but one way to figure out if its really legit or not is this: there is no evil or sorcery in Taoism.  If they promote these things, then they are an evil cult, using the gentle and benign Taoist philosophy as a cloak to hid the fact that they are sorcerers.

The Leader of the lineage that his own master was in also felt it was no longer pure.  He showed my master a set of cultivation techniques to reach Celestial realm and gave him an assignment to find a new raw power source because his master was too old to do it himself.  He cultivated so he could soul travel to Celestial Realm and was able to reach there 5 years ago.  He went on to discover a 100% uncorrupted power source, detox and had to forget all he learned in the past to obtain this new form of raw Taoist magic, which he transferred down to earth.

On the Third Eye Spell

I did a little snooping around to find the origin of this Ghost Eye Spell, and I was right about my suspicion from the start.  This Ghost Eye Spell is called Yin Yang Vision (cặp mắt âm dương).  This Ghost Eye Spell (Bùa) is highly dangerous.  It will not open your third eye.  It’s a scam, a dangerous trick, especially in a religion that has has sects which cultivate and immerse in magic.

A lot of these spells are in the market today to scam people, I have seen this spell in a website.  Once a person tries this spell, it will be like they are cursed and they will be haunted because the Mental Soul will be out of place, which leads to mental illness, seeing illusions.  They start to see fake things and think they are actually seeing ghost.  There is no need to use such spell.  It is highly dangerous and is a scam.

This Ghost Eye Spell originated from a Taoist Magic sect called the Mau Sơn.  This lineage is very popular as it is often featured in Chinese movies and in movies having to do with busting vampires and other such creatures.  My tao master also used to be in this Lineage.  He did exorcisms free of charge when he was young, then later was ordain into the sect.  He used to be the 73rd generation disciple (đệ tử đời thứ 73) from Mau Sơn sect.  He graduated from there, but left and removed everything he learned from that lineage.

He still has a copy of this ghost eye spell, but it’s not just one spell.  There are two separate Ghost Eye Spells.  One spell is activated by using Five-Ghosts altar.  It is opposite of the the one you posted and it is for you to NOT see ghosts.  You wear and carry this spell with you.  You activate use half cold water, half hot water, mix it together and wipe it in your eyes to see ghost.

The power source for this spell comes from the Five-Ghosts.  The Five-Ghosts are from a constellation with five stars in space and the power emerge from the energy of these five stars.  Magic practitioners also use this to check and see if those Five-Ghosts are present on their altar, as well as to see other ghosts.  The reason why I said it is dangerous in the first place is because there are two huge major side effects to cultivation such magic.

The magic has only a short term effect and it is not a freebie.  You will have to lose something in your life in return for its temporary effects.  Once the Five-Ghosts have taken what they want from you, they offer their short term magic and then thereafter, they will no longer respond with the fortune wealth magic.  The Yin Yang Vision Magic (cặp mắt âm dương) will then screw up your life and makes you go crazy and see illusions.  So not only is there a sacrifice trade, once the magic stops working you will get a mental illness call schizophrenia.

There are other spells that use the Five-Ghosts energy for wealth gaining, revenge, spying etc.  It is also used for wining in gambling when done on the Five-Ghost altar and burning ghost money.  I have actually seen this Ghost Eye Spell selling in a website at  On this site, the Taoist master also advertised and want people to buy his book in order to know the incantation to activate the Ghost Eye Spell.  The author of this book is from that impure Taoist lineage I spoke about, Luk Yam.  I have seen some of the magic that he has promoted.  You can win at gambling with his magic, you can get spider, beast, fox possession demon spells to hurt your enemy, there are five ghost money transfer spells to transfer money to yourself from someone else (i.e. stealing).  He shows you how to raise a baby ghost to do your bidding.  He also offers a tourist’s Hell Tour.  This Hell Tour makes the user think he/she is soul-traveling around hell, but in truth, it’s all just Scorpion and Snake sorcery.  As I’ve said before, there is no such thing as hell, and anyone trying to sell hell is trying to con you.  Nothing but bad can come out of it.

Demon Warfare

Having the ability to see ghosts and demons is not scary at all.  It’s not just for seeing ghosts and demons.  It’s pretty much used for anything and everything that has to do with the other dimension that is overlapping and interacting with our dimension.  It’s not like u see them everywhere you go, but if you are suited up with knowledge and battle gear, it’s just like playing ping pong (or a video game).  You can bust them like they are shit.  To be able to see them, one method is activating your Center Soul.  It needs to be activated to gain sensory.  Once your Center Soul has been activated, you need to inject Chi (thiên khí) into the other two souls, and then a protection layer on top of the seven spirits.

It will be like a 6th sense at first but much stronger and more solid than that.  You can sense danger before it comes, and also sense energy types.  This is why we can define what is good energy and what is the evil energy, because we can interact with it.  As it grows stronger, you can then see it.  You will be able to see warfare that takes place when you do exorcisms.  You can even see Chi (thiên khí) blast out of your swords and weapons, or palm blasts and hand signs, and in effect, be a warrior against demons.


Everything You Know Is Wrong

Yes, thank you Al Yankovic.  The more I dig and discover about the world around me, the more I realize that everything we think we know about the world is either downright flat wrong or at the very least, only part of a very large story.

Today, my new song is Everything You Know Is Wrong.  Just forget the words and sing along.



I’m a New Soul


Do you feel as if you’re an old soul in a young body?  Do you feel as if you’ve been here before and done all that there is to do, and you’re just waiting for your time to go?

Well, that’s just not me.  I feel as if everything is still waiting for me to try out.  And since everything I attempt is new to me, I seriously suck at most things I try to do.  I still suck at trying to relate to people.  Most endeavors I try to start stay unfinished because I am not sure how to finish them.

Even after all these years of constantly trying new things, I still suck at so many of them that I wonder how I’m ever going to be able to get good at anything at all.  How will I ever learn all that I need to learn before I expire?  I make every possible mistake there is to make in my attempts to improve myself and then I look back and think…why oh why did I do that?

For today, here is a song that I dedicate to my brand new soul.

Wu Wei in Simplified Pictogram



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