You! Oi!


This is an open letter to you, Mister Thánh Gióng.

Yes YOU!

I am not sure where you are hiding and why you have been in hiding for so long, but we need you to come back out and help us with this situation that is starting to escalate out of our control.  Vietnam is in big trouble, and we need your intervention.

This is an ancient struggle, one that has been orchestrated in times long ago and far away, and because it never got resolved properly, it’s reared its ugly head yet again.  Since we are merely the latest incarnations to have to deal with this mess that’s been ongoing from time immemorial, we need for you to come back out from under the honeycomb depths, or somewhere in the galactic deep space, and kick some serious booty.

I know you took the time out of your busy schedule the last time we got into serious trouble to help us out (not to mention the Ha Long Bay intervention), and for that, I’m immensely grateful.

But dude…we need you again.

thanhgiongfaceI am calling on you because you are one of the most revered figures in Viet history, and the people have put their faith in you.

In a time when poor Viet kids are hungry and lacking in all aspects of amenities, national resources were used lavishly to build HUGE friggin’ expensive effigies of you all over the place.  There is even a national holiday to celebrate your intervention as a sign of good faith.

In short, you are one of our most beloved stewards, but man, you are falling asleep on the job.  We need some divine intervention.

Like NOW!!!

Why am I calling you out on this, instead of the myriad of other famous figures in our history?  The answer is simple.

You are, perhaps one of the few who are still alive.

According to the most recent mythological accounts, you never died.  We know you took off on some type of a flying aircraft and was never seen again.  That was an amazing feat back in those days, between 1718 and 1631 BC.  But guess what…

That was fricking four-thousand years ago!

It’s not that big of a deal today.  We humans fly around on our planes and whatnot, as a matter of course, in our daily lives.  We’re not going to be shocked out of our depths to see you flying around on the craft of your choice.  This time, I promise, you don’t have to disguise your weapon inside a bamboo rod.  You can even use something more comfortable to ride on than that steel horse you rode back then.  It couldn’t have been comfortable.  I, for one, would love to see you emerge from one of those modular, triangular space crafts.  It would make your job easier, methinks.

In fact, don’t you think it’s about time you shared some of your knowledge with us?  We’re on the cusp of cracking all this open any way.  Zero point energy, nanotechnology, genetic manipulation, time-stasis field–we’re all at the cusp of that event horizon where it’s within human grasp, and we’re talking single-digit years, not centuries (or even decades).


So, Mister Thánh Gióng.  Please consider showing yourself again, and helping us out.  Or at the very least, pull some internal hidden strings to right what’s gone horribly wrong.

The people will be eternally grateful, and we will build more effigies of you, I promise.  This time though, your effigies will be more modern looking.  You’ll get to wear hip clothes and wield a cool looking weapon instead of that dang blasted bamboo pole.  You’ll be all over social media–Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc.  You’d be a big hit!

You’ll be a modern-day idol, complete with your own retinue of adoring fans.  The girls are gonna love you.  So please.  Pop back out into mainstream and make us proud.  Thank you.





Dead Fish


This has nothing to do with Taoism.  This is just a picture of millions of dead fish off the coast of Vietnam.

On second thought, this does have to do with Taoism.  This is the karmic reaction of certain excessive action, done by those who are unaware that they create their own realities by the things that they do.

It’s kind of like very young children who poop and pee in their environment, and then smear the excrement on themselves and everywhere else they crawl about in because they don’t know any better.  We Earthlings need to grow up a bit more.  Learn how to poop and pee in the appropriate places.  Learn how to clean up after ourselves.  Learn how to be a bit more self-sufficient instead of plundering Mother Earth for everything we need.

Sadly, we’re not there yet.  We’re still sucking off the teats of Old Mother Earth instead of pulling the energies out of the Source (and we have the technology to do this, we just need to do it on a global scale).  It certainly feels to me as if we’re not ready to go out there and play with the adults yet.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we have that much time left to grow up.  It’s totally unfair because we got so short-changed, and most of it was not our fault.  I mean–how is twelve-thousand years considered enough time for us to evolve into beings that are supposed to be equal with those who have had far, far longer evolutionary time to develop into Cosmospolitans (yes, I created a new word…so sue me).  And yet, that’s what we’ve been charged with.

To make matters worse, our collective memories have been wiped clean.  We don’t have a clue what to do and how to do it.  Most of us don’t  even have a clue who the fuck we are!  Add to that, the fact that we are besieged by those who would take advantage of our lack of basic knowledge about ourselves for their personal benefit and the benefit of their species, it’s completely overwhelming.

Someone out there in the Universe, if you can see this.  Please help!

Old Dude Strikes Again


So, I met up with the Old Dude again a few nights ago, as I was going through my usual dream life stuff.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Sheesh, Taobabe is writing up another one of her boring tall-tale dreamscapes again–but let me hasten to assure you, it’s not the usual suspect.  Bear up with me here.

Now, most of my dreams are dull and totally forgettable.  Half the time, it’s just hanging out with some strange peeps and shooting the breeze about philosophy, or food recipes, or clothing fashion, whichever happens to be the interesting subject on hand at that moment.  The other half of the time, we’re out doing our usual routine, which range the gamut from having intense meetings with both Obama and Putin (lolz, I really should write up on that dream…it’s really one of my more surreal moments), to driving around town on a crazy type of vehicle which feels like a roller coaster in that it moves really crazy, like some funky old roller coaster, but without the rails.

In any event, they are usually colorful, loud, benign, and rather boring.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get a few isolated night terror dreams, but they are rather short-lived, and let me explain why.  If I ever get any bad dream, something would always happen to cut off any threatening situation, I would immediately wake up with no idea what or how it happened, just a faint memory of someone intervening on my behalf.  And then the boring benign stuff would come back.  I always liked to believe it was because somebody was keeping an eye out for me.

But who am I kidding.

Only EXTRA SPECIAL people ever get those awesome light-radiating guardian angels with bright, shining faces and beautiful ornate outfits.  And wings.  Don’t forget the wings!

The rest of us have to make do with whatever we’re given, and what I usually get is this old dude.  I don’t know what his name is, but I call him the Old Dude.  He looks something like this.

Old Dude is usually dressed in an all-white Asian looking outfit, like one of those martial arts masters, except I never saw him fight, so I can’t say if he is or isn’t one.  His hair and beard are white, and his face is old, but not decrepit.

He talks sometimes, but his mouth doesn’t move.  I know it makes no sense, but that’s what I see.  He is jovial in a quiet way, but he’s got a wicked, serious, sense of humor, and he always makes me feel like I’m a little kid.  I guess I am rather like a little kid when compared to him, but that doesn’t stop me from having fun with him.

The first time he showed up was about twenty years ago.  He came around with a little boy and a little girl.  They ran around, laughing, screaming, and we all played tag in the golden sunshine.  He was following behind us, watching us play.  He didn’t say much then, but I got used to his presence after a while.

Then, he started showing up, first sporadically, and then, all the time in dreams.  There was this one dream where I was wearing ancient Asian clothes and was reading a book written in some ancient writing .  He seemed surprised–startled even, when he realized I could read ancient Hanzi (or some type of ancient pictographic writing).  He called me over to a tombstone and asked me if I could read what the words said, and I nodded.

Of course!  

I began reading the words, but he stopped me as soon as I began uttering the first word.

That’s enough, he said, with something akin to nervousness and/or worry, and waved me away from the tombstone, and that was when I woke up.  But during those initial moments of waking, I could still remember how to read the characters.  However, once I was fully awake, I could no longer recall how to read the words.

Too bad.  So sad.

Sorry.  I was supposed to tell you about what happened a few nights ago.  Anyhow, I saw him again, and this time, we got to talking about the world, and this is what he told me.

Go enjoy the sunshine and the cool breeze and the blue skies.  Enjoy the green leaves and the bright flowers and the trickling waters.  Take in the beauty of the hummingbirds and the crickets.  

I was going to ask him why when he started up again.

Play with your dogs, and eat all the most delicious things you know how to make.  And make lots of good things to eat, and create lots of pretty art and crafts.  

Why?  I asked.  But he ignored me, and continued with his monologue.

Sing out loud–don’t worry about bothering the neighbors.  Make lots of noise on your musical instruments.  Whistle as loud as you can and try to reach the highest notes that you can whistle.   Bang on pots and pans.  Do all the things that you truly enjoy to do, and enjoy them while you’re doing them.  


Why?  I asked him again, eyebrows raised.

Do you still remember your physics?  He asked

Maybe.  I answered.  Which part?

The part where particles wink in and out of existence.  He reminded me.

Oh yeah!  I nodded.  It’s pretty basic physics.  The duality nature of matter/energy is a particle/wave  which pops in and out of our spacetime dimension like a vibration.  

Simple_harmonic_motion_animation small

When it’s on our side of reality, we see it as matter or light or sound.  When it’s on the other side, we can’t sense it at all with our faculties.

He nodded.  Everything you do is constantly being fed back to the Source.  You’re not even here fifty percent of the time because when you’re winking out of existence, you’re over there, but it happens so fast, you aren’t even aware that you’re not even here.

Kind of like Siri, my phone’s personal assistant, huh?  I muttered, mostly to myself.  When I ask her a question, she answers, but only after she has sent my question back to the mainframe.  The ping-back is so fast, I think I’m talking to her in real time, but I’m not.

Yes.  He smiled.  When she responds to your question, she is going back and forth, relaying information that she got from the mainframe, which is the source of her real power.  She is only using your phone as a receiver so she can communicate with you.  Siri is not your phone.  SHE IS THE MAINFRAME.  

He turned and looked at me straight in the eyes.

So who are YOU, when you’re not here? 




Round Heaven, Square Earth: Part 2


(Continued from Round Heaven, Square Earth)

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

I remember this question back in grade school.  My first knee jerk reaction was, “Are you stupid?  It’s gotta be the egg.  Everyone knows that chickens come from eggs–it’s not as if they give birth to live chickens.”

Of course, I’m reminded then, by those older and wiser, that the egg came out of a chicken, and then the question is posed to me once again, upon which point, I become silent and sullen, vowing to myself that one day, when I’m older and wiser, I’ll show them!  That’s right.  I’ll show them I’m not such an idiot!

Well, I’m much older, but alas…not any wiser.  Even after having thought about this question for many decades of my life, I still come back to the same conclusion: the egg came first.


Of course, I can’t just insist that this is my truth without at least giving a decent set of proofs that justify my insistence.  I am not going to be dogmatic about it, nor am I going to go purely by faith and stubborn obstinacy, desperately willing something into being without at least exploring why I feel this way.

The beginning is a great start to everything, so that’s a good place to start, but where would the beginning be located?  Lucky for me, someone else already dug through the mind numbing research and found the start of the gnarled skein of ancient wisdom.  Actually, this shows up in many books and scriptures around the world, but let’s go with the easiest one to find–John’s writings.  (For what it’s worth, I have no idea what John’s last name is.  I only know him as John, so that’s how I’m going to credit him as.) 

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ~ John 1:1

Now, there is a physicist named Nassim Haramein, who said that the Bible mistranslated the word ‘God‘.  He pointed out that it should be YHWH, as translated from ancient Greek, into Hebrew script.  However, YHWH actually has another meaning.  

Yahweh, the God of the Israelites, his name being revealed to Moses as four Hebrew consonants (YHWH), called the Tetragrammaton. ~ Encyclopedia Britannica

Therefore, the verse above from John should have read:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Tetragrammaton, and the Word was Tetragrammaton. 

My Word!  Or should I say, My Tetragrammaton!  


This Tetragrammaton existed all by itself as a little dot.


The dot was just hanging out on its little lonesome.  It got bored and it got lonely, so it decided to encompass itself with a sphere to create some kind of volume around itself so that it could explore its surroundings.

Sun Symbol

And there you have it.  


Heaven is a circle.  

But if that was all that Tetragrammaton (I’m gonna call it Tetra for short) could do, it wouldn’t be that great of a God, now would it?  Notice, I use a capital ‘G’ to denote Tetra’s Godhood.  That’s quite magnanimous of me since even my favorite hot and sexy Ningishzida only ever gets a small ‘g’ whenever I denote him as a god.

On what is affectionately known as The First Day, Tetra, the Dot God, moved as far to the edge of the single sphere that it could reach, and then created another sphere.  


Now it has the space of two spheres to explore.  Woo Hoo!  This is what is known to us humans as the Vesica Piscis, aka Womb Wormhole…(Eeeek!  why does this name give me the creeps?)   

When Tetra got bored with exploring those two spheres, it went all the way to the edge of those two spheres and created another sphere, for a grand bang total of three spheres.  Unbeknownst to Tetra, the three-sphere shape is quite famous and known to us humans as the Solar Trinity.  This is where we get the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost from.  (I’m scared of ghosts, so let’s move on from here).

Tetra continued to do that four more times until, at the completion of day Six, it got a flower-looking shape with which to explore.  


And then it was written, that it got tired and rested on the seventh day.  However, nothing could be further from the truth!  On the Seventh day, something miraculous occurred, and Tetra was too busy exploring and creating to be resting.  

You see, with the seven spheres, connected in this manner, Tetra had all the necessary geometry to begin planting life!  That’s why the pattern on the sixth day is called the Seed of Life.  Tetra was too busy drilling down into the infinite depths of its fractals, planting its seeds everywhere, to check in and tell us not to worry.  After all, as a full-fledge GOD, why does Tetra need to rest?  That would denote that Tetra had used up all its energies on six measly days of work, and what kind of a weakling God is that?  

Now, from what I can see, Tetra’s world is infinitely small, but all this infinite smallness is contained within the first Circle that Tetra, the Dot God created.  The first sphere had a finite edge, and the other corresponding spheres were connected to it, creating a bubble of what is definitely finite, meaning you can’t get any bigger than Tetra’s original sphere grouping (called the Flower of Life, and I’ll get to that in a bit).  

Looking beyond Tetra’s sphere would mean you’d have to accept that Tetra is just one of many other Gods (all capital Gs), each with its own existential existences, interacting with each other at the subatomic level, and making up the particles that constitute the ever larger GGODDSS existences.  


OK, this is starting to blow my mind, so let’s stick with the one God that we know and love, Tetra.  

Drilling down from that point, however, is another story.  As fractals go, it is so infinite that we could build a HUGE Hadron Collider, one SO BIG that it can circle Saturn and we would never find the smallest particle, because whatever particle we find would still be just another fractal layer of Tetra, the Dot God.  This is also why, as tiny as we are, we have within us and around us, the complete pattern of Tetra.  That’s how fractals work–but that’s for another day.  

But I digress.  We haven’t gotten to that part of the story yet.  We just barely talked about Heaven, denoted as a circle (or sphere, however you choose to see it).  Now I have to talk about the square Earth.

(to be continued)

Round Heaven, Square Earth


Once upon a time, there was a wise man who told the people of the Earth that the Heaven was round and the Earth was square.  Since he was a wise man who had taught them much of what they knew, the people accepted this as truth, and this truth reverberated throughout all the lands.

They wrote it into their scriptures (Ezekiel 7:2 , Isaiah 11:12 ) and stamped it on their coins.  They enshrined it into their architecture and temples.  They even wove it into the fabric of their myths, legends, and history.  I detailed one of the legends in my posts,( I Ching, Made in Vietnam, Part 4 ) regarding one of our famous kings, Lang Liêu. It became part of our axiom of truths.


Fast forward thousands of years later and the modern civilized humans could see from their scientific observation that the Earth was, in fact, round, and Heaven, as far as the senses and instruments could tell, was boundless.  Sheepishly, the people laughed at their ancestors’ apparent gullibility, some even felt a bit of sympathy for the way that their ancestors, common and coarse as they were, had been hoodwinked by this old wise man all these thousands of years.

Then they went about changing all their scientific data, even managed to rewrite certain sections of their scriptures, citing a poor translation effort as the excuse of how the passages reading ‘square corners of the Earth’ ever got there in the first place.  However, some still clung onto the ancient notion of a square Earth, even to this day.

We call these die-hard people, Flat Earthers.


Still, the vast majority of the people on the planet now know the unambiguous truth, namely that the Earth is round and the heaven is boundless.

But I’m a Taoist, you see, and we Taoists need to go deeper into our thought processes and look at what was presented.  After all, nothing is ever as it seems, and if I have learned anything about Taoism by now, I know better than to just simply take things at face value.  I have found that there are always layers of meanings embedded within even the most basic of axioms, which meant that there had to be another reason why our ancient ancestors told us that the Earth is square and the Heaven is round.

I decided to take a closer look at this phenomenon.  First I simplified it down to a line drawing of a circle and a square.


Then I compared it to what the I Ching also said in regards to this axiom.

My ancestors had told me that Heaven is a circle.  The I Ching denotes Heaven as Càn (Ch’ien /天).

They also told me that the Earth is a square.  In the I Ching, the Earth is Khôn (K’un /地).
The merging of these two hexagrams give us this:
Yes, yes.  I know I’ve put too much information into this bagua (thunder and wind and such), but for now, just ignore the other parts and simply focus on Heaven and Earth.

Now, Taoists know that heaven and earth are not static things.  They are forces that constantly move and change, going from one polar to the other in rapid succession, and it is this movement that allows for the chi to be expressed.

Since the yin yang symbol is a sphere with Heaven and Earth circling through it, the movement within the circle will obey certain mathematical rules, namely spin.

In quantum mechanics and particle physics, spin is an intrinsic form of angular momentum carried by elementary particles, composite particles (hadrons), and atomic nuclei.  [1]

To show this mathematically, it would look like this:
angular momentum
This is the formula for angular momentum.  I also found a good definition for it.

The angular momentum of a rigid object is defined as the product of the moment of inertia and the angular velocity. It is analogous to linear momentum and is subject to the fundamental constraints of the conservation of angular momentum principle if there is no external torque on the object. [2]


Can you imagine trying to explain angular momentum to people who barely understood that if you wash your hands you won’t get sick as often, or that it really isn’t a good idea to stare at the sun because you could hurt your eyes really badly?

Well, there is an easier way to teach people basic concepts–or at the very least, show them how to preserve the knowledge in easy to transfer pieces of information and hope that in the far far future, their children would be able to look at the pieces and put them all together.

Let’s put them all together.

Everything starts off with Heaven.

(continue to Round Heaven, Square Earth: Part 2)

[1] Spin

[2]  Angular Momentum

Be Brave


When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises
When it knows good as good, evil arises
Thus being and non-being produce each other
Difficult and easy bring about each other
Long and short reveal each other
High and low support each other
Music and voice harmonize each other
Front and back follow each other  ~  Lao Tzu

This is an old lesson that I seem to have some trouble digesting.  Instinctively, I remove myself from the issues and problems of the world so that I can maintain my positive thoughts and tranquil emotions, which I have cultivated through the hard work of staying mindful in the present and meditation.  Sadly, this also isolates me and turns me into an unwitting hermit.

I sometimes feel like the proverbial recluse living in a cave and sustained by a bowl of rice a day and the air I breathe.  Of course, I eat far better than that, and my breathing is augmented by scented air fresheners and such, but you get the idea.  There is only so much growth I can go through by myself, and alone with my thoughts.  Eventually, I have to go out and interact with the world at large–get exposed to the darker edges, inoculate myself with the lesser germs so that my inner self will be strengthened with the effort of resisting them.  After all, how can I fight the stronger evils if I can’t even face the lesser ones?


I’m not doing anything avant garde here.  Even Jesus had to expose himself to the devil to prove that he could maintain his pure goodness, surrounded by evil from all sides.  I too, must face my challenges and adversities to gauge how strong my inner strength is, and where I need to improve.  I should not shy away from experiencing it.  These are opportunistic times to further my growth.

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light. ~  Brené Brown.

3D Yin Yang

Sometimes, it’s just easier to see it animated in video format as opposed to trying to visualize this, or prove it in mathematical formulas.  I, therefore, am very grateful for those who are responsible for putting this video together.  Much gratitude!!!


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